10 Fun Ways To Organize Makeup

10 Fun Ways To Organize Makeup

Organizing your makeup is not always the most fun thing to do with your time.  Let’s face it, taking the time to actually organize it can sometimes feel like such a tedious job that we don’t really want to spend our free time doing it.  Not to mention, it can be difficult to figure out exactly HOW to organize your makeup and make it fun, cute and functional to utilize.  If you’re with us on this, you’re in the right place because we’re sharing 10 fun ways to organize makeup – yes, there are AT LEAST 10 different ways you can organize your makeup.

1. Table Top Drawers
If you tend to get ready in your bathroom or on a vanity space that has a decent amount of counter space, you don’t necessarily want your makeup all sprawled out everywhere on the counter, but you do want to utilize it so you don’t have to dig everything out anytime you want to put your makeup on.  You’ve probably seen the table top sized drawers that are typically clear and made of plastic.  They’re great because they come in a variety of different sizes and the fact that the drawers are clear makes it easier for you to see into the drawers.

2. Revolving Spice Rack
You probably thought these were only good to use to store spices, didn’t you?  Well, you can use them to store and organize your makeup as well!  The great part about this is you’re able to rotate them and get to what you need very easily.  Not to mention it’s totally fun and unique.


3. Using Jars
Another fun way to organize makeup is to utilize different jars that you can place on your vanity or bathroom counter.  This allows you to be able to reach everything without opening any drawers or anything and keep things organized as well.

4. Ice Cube Trays
Another kitchen item that you probably didn’t expect to read on this list, huh?  We’ve seen some ideas cruising around on pinterest using ice cube trays either loose or placed in a drawer to store makeup in a more organized manner.

5. Over The Door Shoe Organizer
We were totally blown away when we came across this idea.  But we love it!  Using an over the door shoe organizer is the perfect, fun way to store all your makeup in a completely organized manner.  Plus, it’s at eye level so you can see everything really easily.

6. Bar Cart
When we saw this idea floating around, we had to share it with you.  Using an old, renovated or new bar cart is a super fun and unique way to organize your makeup.  And with no drawers or lids you can see everything really easily.

7. Letter Organizer
Talk about multi-functional, right?  Using a letter organizer is a really fun and unique way to store your makeup palettes and other bigger items in a way where they’re easily accessible but also still looks fun.

magnet board

8. Magnetic Board
Another fun way we’ve seen ladies storing their makeup has to be by covering a board that’s magnetic with a fun fabric or patterned paper and adding magnets to your makeup products that don’t magnetize themselves.

9. Stick On Pods
If you have space in cabinets or on a wall that you can make use of, using the stick on pods that have separators in them are another fun way to organize your makeup and make it easy to reach and get to.

10. Nail Polish Rack
They’re not just for storing nail polish!  Hang it on a wall near where you do your makeup and they make for a great place to organize all your makeup easily so you can see everything.

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