1980s Prom Comeback

1980s Prom Comeback

It’s that time again, and as everyone’s getting geared up to totally rock the 2016 prom, don’t be surprised if you discover a whole lot of 80s-style prom awesomeness out on the dance floor this year. We’ve all been watching as the 80s have been slowly seeping back into a major culture trend, just when we missed them the most. There is just so much to love about the comeback of the 80s prom style, with the electronic music, big shoulder pads and poofs, and way bigger hair, just for starters. It was all about matching and coordinating every single detail, and when your prom dress didn’t exactly coordinate with another element like your gloves, hair or shoes, you would sew or have sewn some little thingies to match, or buy some of those trendy clip-on accessories for shoes and belts to force a match, and these always worked–or at least they were believed to have.

What’s Your 1980s Prom Style?
Is it prom queen and king? Shy and danceless wallflower? What about a rebel rocker, or maybe the king of “footloose” dance moves? Kevin Bacon has still not gotten over the fact that he was forced to allow a dance double to cover his iconic dance in the movie, either. All fans knew was that everyone at the prom that year was either producing their version of the solo piece from the movie, or wishing they could. There’s an inner 80s kid within everyone–just waiting to be embraced.

Man wearing a white tux

Details, 80s Style
There are so many pieces of 80s prom style to cover, and the following are among the ones we loved the most and are happy to get back, just in time:

  • Guys: The big thing was those big, pastel and all-white tuxedos and the shirts they wore them with were full of frilly, and sometimes edged ruffles. There was no “Less is more” going on, in the 80s. Being best-dressed required a proper mullet, which still goes by “Business in the front, party in the back,” getting a lot of laughs. The mullet was not a laughing matter back then.
  • Hair: Gels, mousses and hairsprays were all any proper 80s girl’s way of making sure that bigness atop her head would stay put and big. Guys used product tricks of their own, but they weren’t so quick to divulge, so OK, you can have that one.
  • 80s Prom Court and Royalty–Him: Surely, to be crown worthy, your hair had to be the biggest, your shoes the fanciest, and everything had to coordinate. His mullet was perfectly feathered back, and his powder blue tuxedo was accessorized by an oversized bow tie. His shirt had infinite ruffles that were anything but floppy. His cummerbund matched the trim on the ruffles and tuxedo, and he capped the whole thing off with those white dress shoes.
  • 80s Prom Court and Royalty–Her: She had spent an indecent amount of time teasing and smoothing (followed by an entire can of hairspray on) her hair, which was rivaled in size by the poofy puff sleeves connected to a Snow White styled bodice. The multi-tiered satin layers of her purple or emerald green, tea-length skirt were perfectly pressed and stood out, widely. Her hair and corsage were heavily embellished with baby’s breath, and she certainly held nothing back, when applying her berry pink lipstick and electric blue eye shadow from her Caboodle. Her prom pumps were either white or dyed to match her ensemble. A strand of pearls or a choker adorned her neck–matching, of course.

Fashion Week, 2016
From the looks of the 2016 Fashion Week runways, proms this year will feature one-shouldered mini dresses, pastel pumps and oversized belts. Shoulder pads were tossed by many who will be again shopping for them for prom. Poofy, shiny, coordinated, oversized, ruffled, tiered, teased and metallic are all the keywords. And once again, shoes will be dyed to match, with traditional po de soie, in addition to new, high-tech materials that outperform the original. We’ll be going back to prom this year–way back: to the 80s.

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