2nd Day Hair

2nd Day Hair

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that washing your hair every single day is a thing of the past.  Thanks to products like dry shampoo, we no longer have to feel the guilt of not washing our hair every day.  Plus more and more hair experts continue to tell us it’s not the healthiest for our hair to wash it daily.  If you’re new to the 2nd day hair thing, basically it’s just when you’re on your second day of not washing your hair.  With 2nd day hair comes the wonder around how to actually style it.  Luckily, there are some super easy ways to style your hair and we’re sharing our favorites with you now!

Half-Up Hair
One of our favorite, and easiest 2nd day hairstyles is the traditional half up hairstyle.  Sure it may be a classic, but it always looks chic and you can make it your own pretty easily.  With the half-up hair you can pull your hair back in a perky half pony, or take the sides of your hair and pull them to the back emphasizing your part and pinning the hair lower.  It’s really up to you, and what you like best!  If you want to really spice things up this is the perfect time to try out the half-up hair that’s then pulled into a top knot.  It’s a fun, unique twist on the top knot and half-up hairstyle and perfect for 2nd day hair.  The great thing about half-up styles is they actually look better the second day when your hair has some texture in it.

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Braid It, Girl
Another hairstyle that’s one of our favorites for 2nd day hair has to be braids.  Similarly to the half-up hair you can really play around with braids.  Braids always look better with second day hair than first because the texture in your hair really adds to the free-flowing vibe of braids.  One of our favorite ways to rock a braid with 2nd day hair has to be the low ponytail braid, AND pulling any bangs back into a braid.  The extra bonus of braids is they really can help you fake freshly washed hair because there’s some texture going on with the braid itself.

There really are so many ways to rock 2nd day hair, the important thing to remember is so many more complicated hairstyles actually tend to turn out better with 2nd day hair.  Thanks to the rise in popularity of dry shampoo products, you don’t need to worry about feeling like people can tell you’re rocking 2nd day hair.  Whatever hairstyle you do choose to rock, hairstylists everywhere suggest spraying your hair with a quality dry shampoo FIRST.  The dry shampoo will help absorb any oil in your hair AND add a gorgeous texture to the hair that works perfectly for working in some fun hairstyles.

Do you have a favorite way to rock 2nd day hair?

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