90’s Beauty Trends We Still Love

90’s Beauty Trends We Still Love

This season we’ve seen a massive boost in 90’s style inspiration.  If we didn’t know any better, we’d think the 90’s was back…or is it?  There’s definitely been a heavily influenced 90’s style celebration going on, and it’s likely some of your favorite celebrities are rocking some of their favorite 90’s throwback styles.  So we thought there was no better time than to share some of the 90’s trends we STILL love, and how you can rock them today.

It was no secret that headbands were EVERYTHING in the 90’s, but unfortunately, they killed the side of your head.  If you’re still loving headbands as much as we do but you want an updated version (without the head pain), we’re all about the elastic headbands that go all the way around your head and are decked out in some gorgeous jewels to spice up the look.  It’s a 90’s throwback with current vibes.


Lip Gloss
Minimal makeup with a lot of gloss was all the range in the 90’s.  While the makeup trends have been much more elaborate with contouring and highlighting and everything else, it’s kind of refreshing to think about doing something minimal with a hint of your favorite gloss on your lips.  There’s something that every girl loves about lip gloss and the gorgeous shine you get from applying some of your favorite gloss on your lips.  So go ahead, girl get some gloss on!

Stud Earring Packs
Every girl spent some weekends hitting up their favorite accessory store for those stud earring packs, loaded up with multiple colors and designs of stud earrings.  And really, what’s not to love about stud earrings?  They go with everything and they’re so easy to wear.  If you don’t want to go to your throwback accessory store, why not hit up one of your current favorites to get the same stud earring look without turning your ears any funny colors.

Woman wearing chokers

Tattoo choker necklaces were everywhere in the 90’s, every girl had at least one.  While tattoo choker necklaces aren’t quite as easy to find, lucky enough for us the choker necklace craze is EVERYWHERE right now.  We’re having a full-on 90’s moment with the choker necklaces.  It’s likely we have the Kardashians to thank for this one as they’ve been stepping out in the 90’s accessory throwback for quite a few months now.  So really it was only a matter of time before the rest of us got all into the choker necklace trend again.  This trend is an easy one for us to love and embrace now, since all our favorite retailers have multiple choker necklace varieties to choose from.

Ahh the 90’s, there’s something so fun and edgy about 90’s fashion, which is probably why those that lived through the 90’s are secretly (or not so secretly) excited for the trends to be back in action for us to wear again.  Which of these 90’s fashion trends are you going to start wearing again?

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