A Sneak Peek of Fall 2017 Beauty Trends

A Sneak Peek of Fall 2017 Beauty Trends

Fashion week happened throughout the major fashion capitals of the world recently, and with fashion week comes the preview of the trends we have to look forward to in the fall season. Yes, we said fall. Even though we’re getting ready to welcome the spring season, we’re always excited to see what trends we have to look forward to in the fall season. We found a sneaky peak of fall 2017 beauty trends and couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Don’t you just love knowing what’s coming up next in the trend world? Well if you do, you’re in the right place because we’re sharing the scoop…

Crimped Hair
Well, the 90’s are back after all, right? We’ve all been rocking the loose waves and pin straight hair for a bit now so we were all about due for a new hair trend, wouldn’t you say? Well, this fall season we’re getting exactly that. The crimped hair was a true standout trend in the beauty realm during the fashion week events that recently took place for Fall 2017. From dramatic crimps to crimped hair that’s a bit more subtle, it’s definitely going to be all about the crimped hair this fall season. We’re pretty excited for the switch up!

Bold Color Makeup
We’ve seen and worn bright hues of lipstick for quite some time, and that’s always such a fun way to change up your look. But this fall fashion week’s events showed us that we’re going to be able to look forward to adding bright colors into other areas of our makeup looks. From bold mascara colors to eyeshadows – it’s all about the bright, bold colors this fall season in the beauty trend world. Let’s be clear, when we say bold we mean bold. There were models decked out in bright orange mascara, green and lavender hues and quite a few other shades. It’s going to be a whole new take on the traditional makeup looks we’ve been rocking recently and really adding a pop of color to the fall trends.

Woman in bold makeup

Double Eyeliner
Eyeliner is one of those makeup steps that we always have fun with, and we’ve seen such a variety in ways that ladies are rocking their eyeliner looks. But this fall season it looks like we’re getting a totally different take on eyeliner – by incorporating two ‘lines’ of eyeliner using two different colors. Yep, double eyeliner! It’s a pretty fun and unique way to completely change your makeup and beauty look, just by using eyeliner. There was quite a range of different eyeliner colors adapting this trend from maroon to black to bold blue hues. It’s going to be all about multiple lines of eyeliner this fall season.

Bold Color Extensions
Extensions are definitely not a ‘new’ beauty trend, but up until this point we’ve primarily seen extensions used to add length and/or volume to hair and it’s been more about blending them in with your hair to look natural. This fall season, expect to see extensions being added in bold colors for a totally unique look. Yep, bold hues from bright yellow to pink and red – and pretty much any color in between.

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