Adding Volume with Curling Irons

Adding Volume with Curling Irons

Achieving a gorgeous voluminous hairstyle is a popular desire among women all over the globe.  It can be difficult to figure out how to actually get that celeb-worthy hair at home, and not getting too overwhelmed.  We always see pictures of our favorite celebs walking the red carpets (or their daily lives) and they seem to have flawlessly gorgeous volume in their hair.  Sure they have a team of professionals that help them achieve those hairstyles, but we want them too!  Lucky for us one of our favorite hair goddesses Chrissy Teigen, has an amazing hairstylist, David Lopez, who shared some great tips for achieving voluminous hair using a curling iron with Style.Mic recently.  So naturally, we have to give you the top tips he shared so you too can achieve these gorgeous locks at home.

Prep Your Hair
One thing that David stresses in achieving this type of hairstyle is using products in your hair to help you keep your hair healthy and it will help you get the look you want.  Additionally, he suggests starting by blow drying your hair with a round brush and blow dryer – unless you have naturally straight hair then just roughly dry your hair and add the product.

The Curling Process
After your hair has been blow-dried, it’s time to use a curling iron, David Lopez suggests using an inch and a quarter barrel sized curling iron for this step.  Curing the hair towards your head and placing the hair on top of the curling iron is the process you want to use for this step.  Once you’ve wrapped all your hair around the wand, slowly twist the hair off of the wand and as you get to the bottom you want to use the curling iron to straighten the ends.  Once you’ve done this to all of your hair, use a large toothed comb to break up and brush out the waves so they’re not so tight.  Once you’ve done that, go in with a one-inch curling iron at the crown of the hair with very small sections.  Curling in the same way as the other hair but just using very little sections of hair.  This adds the extra volume and texture to the hair giving it that gorgeous, beachy volume look.

Finishing Spray
David’s top tip for setting the hair to help it hold AND add great volume to the hair is instead of using a hair spray is actually using a dry texture spray.  The great thing about dry texture sprays is that you’re kind of getting the best of both between a hairspray and a dry shampoo spray, but all wrapped up into one!  Another bonus is that it doesn’t leave your hair crunchy like most hairsprays do, but keeps the hold and adds great texture to the hair.

Really what it comes down to is using a few key products that help your hair get some extra volume and using the proper technique when it comes to your heated styling tools.  Will you give these tips a try?

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