Adding Volume with Curls

Adding Volume with Curls

Hair volume is one of those sought-after aspects of the most beautiful and envied hair qualities, and it’s typically one of those hair attributes that people who have it simply take for granted. Only if you don’t have it, do you wish you did, with all your heart. With all of the various products marketed expressly for creating volume in different types of hair, it can be confusing deciding which product will work for your hair. For most hair types, a curling iron can be a great tool for creating the fuller illusion of more volume in thinner hair. The larger curls and waves tend to convey a fuller appearance and give it a more overall lift without giving it a wiry appearance which hairspray can typically do.

Curling Irons add Volume
Hair that is mostly thin or flat can benefit tremendously from a little curling iron support. Even when you plan on using your curling iron or wand to add volume, still go ahead and use your volumizing products and drying techniques that create more volume. Then, when you come back in with the heat of your iron, you add even more curl, but also volume and bounce. You’ll need to section your hair into a top, two sides and a back section, and working with one-inch sections of each quarter section at a time, wind the hair fully around the barrel and hold for four seconds. Release without pulling on the curl. You can curl only the roots this way and blend into looser waves on out.

Hot Rollers for Volume
Setting your hair with hot rollers which you leave in for an extended period can be fast to perform and highly effective. You can wrap entire sections of hair around the rollers, or just the root section, leaving the rest of your hair unwrapped–which you can style using your regular curling wand or flat iron later. Right before removing the heated rollers, give a nice shot of flexible hold hairspray and allow to fully dry before unrolling.

Old Fashioned Plastic and Wire Rollers
Believe it or not, those old plastic and wire rollers your mom used–the big ones, ranging between 2 inches in diameter on up. This is mainly because they hold the hair in a stretch directly away from the head, for some of the most natural looking volume and bounce you can get. At least, damp-dry your hair before rolling with these rollers, and the best time is immediately after fully blowing it dry. Before blow drying, use some setting gel or mousse and then spray each roller with a light coating of volumizing spray as you secure each one. Allow to stay rolled as long as possible. Whether you brush or rake with your fingers, try to not disturb the root area too much. This is where your main volume will be.

Volume, 90s Style–From Your Caboodles!
If you or your mom happened to hold onto your Caboodles, chances are that your old, trusty crimping iron is still in it. These retro heat stylers, as it turns out, are excellent at poofing up and out thin, lifeless limp hair. You can crimp just the roots, or anywhere else. The best method is by leaving your top hair layer (both sides of the part) uncrimped, with as little or as much of the underneath hair nice and crimped into amazing fullness. Who knew? And if you still have your crimping iron, thank your mom or whoever held onto it. Some things are just worth storing for a future that for now, remains unseen, huh?

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