All Time Best Patriotic Movies

All Time Best Patriotic Movies

Proud to be American?  Of course, you are!  It’s the week of Independence Day in the United States and most Americans love taking the time this time of year to celebrate and embrace their pride in being American.  We thought there was no better time than now to go through a list of the all-time best patriotic movies, if you want to get a little more dose of patriotism sometime soon.  So, we came up with a list of movies that many feel are the best if you want to get your American patriotism on.

Top Gun
One of the all-time classic movies from the 80’s in general, it’s got proud to be American written all over it.  Since the movie is based around those in the United States Armed Forces, it’s LITERALLY got a huge patriotism theme throughout the entire film.

The Patriot
Really, the name says it all, doesn’t it?  The movie takes place during the American Revolutionary War about men who are led to fight for their country.  Really, this movie is what Independence Day is all about!  Taking steps necessary to fight for the country you live in and love.

Independence Day
It’s in the name!  When we think patriotic we often think of the celebration of Independence Day.  The movie Independence Day is more of a sci-fi film, nonetheless, it is about the United States gaining independence (even if it is from aliens).

A Few Good Men
Another classic movie representing those that serve the United States in the armed forces, this time, the U.S. Marines.  The movie really shows a different side of the Marines than we’re used to seeing, inside a courtroom and really honing in on how big loyalty is not just in the Marines but America as a whole.

Apollo 13
Great classic American movie, this time bringing NASA to the forefront.  The United States has made huge milestones as a country with putting men in space, and Apollo 13 brings a story about American astronauts in space and needing to get them back down to Earth safely.  Great story of Americans coming together to work together for a greater cause.

Saving Private Ryan
Honestly, there are so many amazing movies that have the United States armed forces in the forefront of the movies.  It was hard to narrow down the list, but Saving Private Ryan had to be on the list.  It’s really one of the epic war movies of all time.  It took place during World War II, following a US Army captain through his journey.  The movie shows some of the epic battles that occurred during that war, which is likely why it won so many awards and milestones after its release in the late 90’s.  It’s definitely a must see and will leave you feeling super proud to be American.

While there are so many other patriotic movies, these are some of our favorites that are sure to get you in the patriotic spirit after watching them.

Do you have a favorite patriotic movie?

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