Amber for Skin Care

Amber for Skin Care

Most people aren’t aware that the gemstone amber has uses within the skin care industry, as well as inclusion in many different perfumes as well. Amber is as beautiful to look at as it is pricey, yet there are different grades and qualities of this precious gemstone, or tree resin, as it is more technically called, as there are with any other gemstones. Many of you may recognize the gem if you were to have seen the movie, ‘Jurassic Park’, with the mosquito fossilized inside of the Baltic amber on top of the cane. Today, Lionesse would like to take a few minutes to fill you in on amber, and what it can do for your skin.

Used in Gemstone Facials
Gemstone facials are all the rage right now, and although they are considered pretty pricey, there are those who swear by every penny spent on them. Gemstone facials are usually comprised of many different types of gemstones, which are ground into a fine powder, and are then applied to the face after being mixed with aroma therapeutic and healing oils, and are left to sit to work their peculiar magic. Certain gemstones have been said to have astounding effects on the skin, and when combined, the effects these stones have is almost unrealistic.

When it comes to using amber in a gemstone facial, amber goes to work at detoxifying the skin, removing and withdrawing impurities from within to the outer layer of the skin. It also leaves behind positive energy within the skin, and helps to restore balance to the skin. Amber, in the skin care world, is known as ‘the happy stone’.

Used in Skin Care Products
When amber is utilized in skin care products, it is first ground into a fine micropowder, and is then incorporated into a mixture of fine botanicals, minerals, vitamins, water, and other components such as proteins and peptides for skin rejuvenation, youth, and brightening of the skin. Amber is many times used in facial creams, facial masks, and facial polishes – and it is also used many times in perfumes as well.

Used in Skin Oils
Amber is many times infused into essential oils and other oils used for massaging and skin care, and are used by people worldwide. Many people use these oils in religious practices in places such as India, however, they are also used in many locations with a medicinal purpose in mind. Many people are not aware, but amber has healing properties to the body and skin – and has been said to promote overall energy, a clear mind, and positivity when it comes to the chakra.

No matter what your belief system, amber is a vital part of the skin care world, one that deserves more credit than it has been given. Have you ever indulged in a gemstone facial? Or perhaps used a product containing high levels of amber? What were your experiences like with this gem? We would love to hear your experiences and thoughts in a comment below.

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