Are You Ready for the “Wonderfood” Diet?

Are You Ready for the “Wonderfood” Diet?

Are you ready for the “Wonderfood” diet?  It’s no secret that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of different diets out in the world.  Health experts are always discovering new ways to help people diet and shed some of their unwanted weight.  Some are pretty standard, while other diets are really revolutionary.  This wonderfood diet is one of those that’s a bit different, it incorporates something called sirtfoods.  It seems like the sirtfood diet is something that’s really all the rage right now, and if you’ve heard of it you may have wondered if it was something worth trying for yourself.  We’re diving a bit deeper so you can determine whether you’re ready to try this new diet method out yourself.

So for starters, you may be wondering what exactly a sirtfood is – right?  It’s said that sirtfoods are foods that help to give sirtuins (which is a type of protein) a nice boost in the body.  It’s also said that sirtuins are proteins that help minimize inflammation, protect the cells in the body from dying off (especially when stressed), help to burn fat, increase muscle, and even help to give the metabolism a nice boost.  See why these types of foods are so great?  Essentially, the wonderfood diet is centered around the person who is following this eating plan to incorporate more of the sirtfoods into their diet.  Although, we should likely emphasize that it’s increasing HEALTHY sirtfoods.  The good news is there are quite a few foods that are high, healthy sirtfoods.

It’s not just eating the healthy sirtfoods that are the diet, though.  There’s a particular eating plan, if you will, that’s said to help you really make the most of this method of diet.  The first week of the wonderfood diet is meant to consist of the person consuming up to 1000 calories per day.  There are special sirtfood smoothies and rich sirtfood meals that are said to be best during this phase.  Once week two rolls around, you’re able to up your calorie intake to 1500 per day.  For best results, experts on this particular diet suggest to stick to the 1500 calorie intake for around 14 days.  After that 14 days is up, there isn’t a strict diet schedule other than ensuring that you’re consuming as many sirtfoods into your diet as possible.

The reason many people are enjoying this particular diet is because after the initial 3 weeks on the diet plan, it’s not very strict – allowing you to not feel as glued to your diet as many others tend to leave people feeling.  In addition, many have found that there are immunity and energy results from following this diet that aren’t typical results of other diets.  There are quite a few celebs that are already following this plan, and finding great results.  In order to really determine whether or not this is a diet that you’re ready for – it’s important to really be realistic with yourself.  Is the initial time on this diet, that is a bit more strict, something that seems doable for you?

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