Are You Using the Right Blow Dryer Settings?

Are You Using the Right Blow Dryer Settings?

Blow drying your hair is one of those things women either love or hate. Usually, there’s no in between. If you are experienced in blow drying your hair, chances are you’ve got it down to an art and you know what works for you. If you are somewhat new to blow drying your hair and usually just let your hair air dry, you might be a bit confused about what blow dryer settings you should have yours on and what will work best for you.

Lionesse wanted to come up with a helpful article detailing blow dryer settings and heat temperatures which would be beneficial for each individual dependant upon what type of hair they have. Check out the article below for helpful tips and advice on getting the best blow dry possible by using specific hair dryer settings.

Opt for Wattage
When choosing a blow dryer to purchase, you will want to opt for one with a wattage between 1300 through 1875 watts for power. However, you will want to ensure you turn the heat setting lower, according to two of the top celebrity stylists. Wattage is everything when it comes to getting a better blow out – but you want to avoid damaging your hair. Therefore, keeping the heat setting low is the best course of action. It may take a longer period of time to dry your hair, but if you opt for a blow dryer such as a tourmaline dryer, your time will be cut down lower regardless.

Coarse or Thick Hair – Use High Heat
Those with coarse or thick hair are an exception to the rule when it comes to using high heat settings. Those with this type of hair actually need high heat to develop a smooth, tamed down style. This helps to blast away water when the hair is really wet – but you should always remember to never focus the heat in one particular area for too long, and to always keep your blow dryer moving.

Woman blowdrying her hair.

Thin or Fragile Hair – Low Setting
You will want to use the lowest setting possible for thin or fragile hair. This is because this hair type generally dries much faster than thick or coarse hair, and you want to avoid damaging your strands any further – especially if it’s already been through some damage already. Thin hair dries within a 5-10 minute time frame usually, no matter the heat setting you have the blow dryer on – so be sure to use the lowest heat possible to avoid damaging or burning strands.

Always Use the Cool Setting
When you’ve finished with your blow dry, you will want to make use of the beloved yet not well known about cool setting on your blow dryer. While the cool shot button or cool setting on your particular hair dryer will not dry your hair, what it will do it seal in shine and moisture once your blow dry has been completed – and that’s one of the most fantastic parts about getting a blow out – gorgeous shine and healthy, soft hair.

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