Avocado Oil For Hair and Skin

Avocado Oil For Hair and Skin

In the past couple of years there’s been a major rise in popularity and knowledge around the use of different, natural oils.  Using natural oils have been found to be loaded with a ton of amazing benefits that most of us didn’t really know about before.  Luckily, we know now!  First it was the rise in coconut oil, but now we’re discovering that avocado oil is packed with some pretty ah-mazing benefits itself.  If you’re like us and you love EAT avocado your ears perked up when you heard about using avocado oil for your skin and nails.  We’re sharing some of the best benefits from avocado oil now!

The Green Goddess Of Anti-Aging
One of the benefits that really got us excited about using avocado on skin is the fact that it’s filled with a ton of pretty kick butt anti-aging benefits.  Now, you can actually achieve some of the anti-aging benefits from EATING avocado oil and avocados but you’re really going to get the benefits when you apply it right to your skin.  The reason avocado oil is so great for anti-aging is they’re loaded with antioxidants and actually work as a detox for your skin and body.  The result of using the oil because of these benefits is that your skin will be left looking more youthful and plump and actually helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Talk about amazing, right?

It’ll Make Your Hair Super Happy
Not only does avocado oil work wonders for anti-aging for your skin, it’s also a pretty bomb hair treatment.  Many experts have said the use of avocado oil for your hair has an insanely long list of benefits, but some of the most popular include relieving dry or itchy scalp (even dandruff), eliminating frizz in your hair, AND giving you insane shine.  Really…how awesome are THOSE benefits?  Applying the oil just by itself or even as a mask are great ways to help you get the benefits from the avocado oil.  Make sure you get the oil on your scalp, especially if you’re struggling with dry or itchy scalp – this will help make sure you reap the benefits of the oil.

Moisturizing Madness
Back to skin care with avocado oil, it’s loaded with major moisturizing benefits.  So if you’re suffering from skin conditions that cause you to have a lot of dryness in your skin or even some inflammation avocado oil could be your savior.  Applying it to your skin will give your skin a ton of extra moisture, plus help to lock in moisture.  Using avocado oil on places where you tend to get really dry can be a way to use it almost like a natural lotion, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized.  The bonus is you don’t need a lot of oil to get the benefits of extreme moisture – most experts suggest a few drops will do wonders.

Honestly, the benefits for skin and hair with avocado oil go on and on – but these are some pretty powerful and amazing benefits to get you started.

Will you or have you tried using avocado oil for your skin and hair?

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