Avoiding Heat-Related Hair Damage

Avoiding Heat-Related Hair Damage

Thanks to all of the amazing heat styling tools that are available now, there are no limitations to all the hairstyles anyone can have, regardless of what type of hair a person starts out with, whether it’s thin, fine and straight, or thick, coarse and kinky. All of this heat can be really damaging, and if you don’t do anything about protecting your hair, it will not be able to withstand all of the intense heat from the styling tools without there being eventual damage. While you might start out using heated styling tools to create some lovely waves and curls at different occasions, maybe alternating between your natural style and heated styling, this will eventually come to an end. This is due to the fact that the chronic application of direct heat in unprotected styling you’re doing will split the ends so badly that you will soon have to use a heated styling tool to tame all of those wild, split ends. If you don’t, your unprotected hair will never look good again.

Heat Style Your Hair the Right Way
While you can always cut your hair into a pixie style and wait for it to grow out again in a few years, with a little knowledge, you won’t have to do that. When you’re using such intense heat to create all those glamorous styles, make sure to do the preventative work to make sure your tresses are fully protected and equipped to stand up to the styling. Here are some tips for keeping your hair in great shape and being able to get all the great hairstyles you would ever want, too.

Heat Styling Tools are an Investment
The price of the heat styling tools you buy should not influence you to purchase them, because in most cases, what you get is what you buy. In most cases, the reason the price is higher is because these tooIs are designed to do more and be made of superior materials that won’t damage your hair. If you can’t afford to invest in the right tools to protect your hair, then wait until you can. When you use inexpensive styling tools, it’s the same thing as throwing money away. It’s not that you have to spend a fortune, but you must have the basic features to avoid damaging your hair. If you can afford to, buy your products from a beauty supply store, where you can get a good professional blow dryer that’ll give you a stronger flow of air and more power. Also, look for tools that have more settings than just “off” and “on.”
  • Choose Temps Suited for Your Hair Type: Only people with extremely coarse hair and professionals should ever use the hottest settings. Likewise, the thinner and finer your hair, the lower you should have the tool set on. Thicker hair can be adversely affected by too much heat. Instead, when heat styling thicker hair, divide it into smaller sections for drying and styling.
  • Protection from Products: When blow drying with heat and using flat irons and curling wands, make sure to first apply a quality heat protective product. Irons are the most damaging. Silicone is a great ingredient for coating the hair with a protective layer.
  • Use Your Time Wisely: When using a curling wand or flat iron, take care to not become distracted. Each time, use either for no more than 3-4 seconds per section.
  • Get a Bit of Instruction: Your hair stylist will be happy to schedule an appointment or allow for some extra time in conjunction with your next styling appointment to demonstrate the best technique for using each tool, which could save your hair greatly.
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