Basic Hair Styles with a Hair Iron

Basic Hair Styles with a Hair Iron

Flat irons are one of the most beloved hair tools of our generation. Quite possibly, they may be the most popular hair tool to have ever existed second to the blow dryer. There are many different uses for a hair iron beyond those one would normally think, such as a flat, straightened style. Today, Lionesse presents you with some basic hairstyles you can create by use of a hair iron, and tell you how easy it is to get the look.

Waves with a Hair Iron
Creating waves with a hair iron is very easy – and only requires minimal skill and time. To create waves with a flat iron, simply take small sections of your hair and pull through a flat iron from the root, beginning to pull the flat iron into a complete circle about halfway down the length of your hair. Once a full circle has been completed, gently pull downward on the hair, creating beautiful, loose waves. You can use hairspray once all of the hair has been waved to hold everything together nicely for the day.

Ponytail With Waves
Another cute style to create with a flat iron is a ponytail with curls. You should create a ponytail on the back of the head, somewhere towards the middle of the back of the head, and then go in with your flat iron, creating waves from the beginning of the ponytail to the end.

Woman using a flat iron to curl her hair

Curls with a Hair Iron
Creating curls with a hair iron is also very easy and yes, it is possible. Many people are unaware that you can actually create and develop perfect curls by use of a flat iron. The same principle as above for creating waves applies to creating curls. The only difference is, when turning the hair iron in a complete circle, you must be sure to get a tighter grasp on the hair and wind the flat iron a bit more around the hair so the pull is snug. Creating a full head of gorgeous curls will only take you about 20 minutes for long hair, 15 minutes for medium length hair, and about 5-10 minutes for shorter hair.

Pin Curls
Pin curls are a lot of fun and very easy to create with a hair iron, and beat the timeframe in which you would normally spend creating the original pin curls by hours upon hours. Granted, it does require a significant amount of time to create a pin curl look – about an hour or more, depending on your hair’s length – but again, 8-12 hours is a far cry from an hour or two. Simply roll small sections of hair around your finger up towards the scalp. Remove the hair from your finger and keep it rolled up. Press with your hair iron and then pin to the scalp to cool. Once all the hair has been pressed and cooled, release the curls from your head and voila – gorgeous pin curls in no time. You will definitely want to use hair spray to hold this style.

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