Basic Styles to Create with a Flat Iron

Basic Styles to Create with a Flat Iron

If you’re like most women today, you probably have at least one–if not more–flat irons. Chances are good though, that you have no idea of what all you can do by using a flat iron. It’s surprising just how many women are unfamiliar with the many techniques possible with a flat iron for creating waves, curls and zig-zags to rock any style. A flat iron is much more than a hair-straightening device, and if you have not yet discovered the power resting in yours, here are some to check out!

Zig-Zag Style
This Boho inspired form of waves is trending big, and it’s easy to see why, as wherever you go, you’ll have everyone trying to guess just how you got your hair to bend back and forth like that. Now, this incredible style is a bit severe for creating everyday, not from the standpoint of its look so much as the fact that you are heating in bends in your hair, unlike waves and curls that gently wrap around and around. When you want to go big, with a style that’s sure to impress, this is one to try. You can begin two or three inches from your scalp for a more voluminous, fuller look, or you can begin midway down the length of the strands and style down to the ends. At your starting point, with your flat iron fully open, loop or wind a section of hair around and around one side, treating it like it’s a single curling wand. When you’ve reached the end, clamp the plates of the iron together and hold. Next, release, but without unwinding the wrapped hair, slide it off of the one side and onto the other side, this time with the hair that was left unheated previously in the position to be heated this time you clamp the two sides together. Repeat this procedure all the way around, and after everything is completely cool, gently rake your fingers through your hair–the more you rake, the fuller your results will be.

Beachy Waves Style
Whether half-up, a ponytail or all down, these waves are huge, and they’re so sensually alluring that it’s easy to see why everyone wants them. This is how you can get them by using your flat iron. Style your hair–half up, ponytail, etc. and then make sections and clip each until you are ready to curl them. Start at the nape of your neck, and clamp down onto the hair at the nape of your neck and in one fell swoop, twist your wrist away from your face (toward the center) You want the hair to flow over the iron, and not under it. Smoothly and slowly, push the iron out to the ends, with the hair wrapped around the iron’s barrel as you go. The smaller the section you curl at one time, the curlier your results will be. Work your way around, and wind the waves away from your face on each side, all in the same direction. Rake with your fingers for a more separated effect, or brush, for more blended results.

Quick Braided Curls
This one’s a fun way to get those cool braided effects for your hair in a jiffy. Begin by braiding your dry hair, starting about midway from the scalp to the ends. Next, take your flat iron and clamp it down onto the beginning of each braid, one at a time, and while keeping your iron clamped gently, slowly move it downward, all the way to the ends. Don’t touch the braids until they are completely cool. When they are sufficiently chilled, remove the braids and check out the results! Fun, and fast!

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