Beachy Waves Flat Iron Tutorial

Beachy Waves Flat Iron Tutorial

Beachy waves are possibly the most alluring, sexy and luxurious types of curls that have ever hit the hairstyle circuit, and the good news is that you don’t have to be anywhere near the beach to get them–and you don’t have to be smack dab in the middle of summer, either. Although most people tend to envision warm to hot weather temps with anything beachy, thank goodness you don’t need anything of a beachy cliche in order to rock beachy waves. You just need a few inches of hair, minimally, and in this case–a flat iron, and some electricity. Are you ready to have these lovely locks? Read on:

  • Product, Product: The whole process of producing the most chic, beachy waves is right after shampooing, conditioning and detangling. Allow hair to dry to the point of being just damp. Then, what better way could anyone ever possibly begin an effort to produce gorgeous, beachy waves, than by making sure you first apply a good beach hair texturizing spray, and generously work it through your hair. Next, spread a nice, lightweight finishing oil throughout your locks–just a pump or so, worked between your palms for easier spreadability without too much product. You want the majority of the oil to be concentrated at and near the ends. Now, you’ll be better protected against potential damage from the high temp of the flat iron.
  • Work By Sections: Working with hair sections that are approximately 1 inch at a time, beginning at the bottom (with the top half section of hair at first clipped out of the way–you’ll get to that section last.)
  • Flat Iron Position Matters: Beginning a few inches from your roots, and on either side, curling the hair in the away direction from your face, create your beachy soft waves by closing the plates on each section at a 45-degree angle. At this point, you rotate the iron a half turn in the backwards curl direction while gently gliding the iron down your hair to the ends, and release. A more current look is achieved by leaving the last inch or so straight.
  • Don’t Touch: Allow each curl to fully cool before ever touching it.
  • Bent-Mixed: An optional effect is to sporadically create some strands that are bent-curled throughout, with the beachy waves still predominating. To get the bent hair effect, simply catch the strand about the midway point and with your 45 degrees-angled flat iron, just work one-half turn of your hair, and release. Adds depth and dimension, but not necessary, for waves that are so extravagantly luscious!
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