Beachy Waves vs. Glamour Waves

Beachy Waves vs. Glamour Waves

Waves are waves – that’s what you might be telling yourself. You might think all waved hairstyles are created equally, but that’s simply not the case! Beach waves are actually much different from the styles of Hollywood Glamour. We detail a bit more about each style in the article below, complete with instructions on how you can get each look and how fabulously simple it can be to achieve. Also, we fill you in on what style is appropriate for what occasion. Lionesse would like to take a look at the two styles of beachy vs. glamour and show you how they differ today in this article.

Beachy Waves
Beachy waves are, in fact, reminiscent of a day spent at the beach. Picture it: you decide to take a dip into the refreshing sea, spend a bit of time cooling off to return to your umbrella shaded lawn chair, and your hair dries into those perfect waves of greatness? Yes, those are beach waves.

You can create this style at home with a sea salt spray by scrunching damp hair with some of the spray and allowing it to air dry, or using a blow dryer on a very low heat setting and drying until the hair is damp. Or, you can use a curling wand to create the style as well by following some helpful tips from YouTube tutorials.

These waves differ from glamour waves because they are much more ‘piecey’ and far more separated than those of glamour waves. Also, they aren’t nearly as soft and seductive looking as a glamour waved look. This look is suitable for a more casual day or evening.

Woman with glamour waves hairstyle

Glamour Waves
When you think of glamour waves, think of singer Lana del Ray or the notorious Kim Kardashian. They love to wear glamour waved looks, as it looks, well, glamorous. It’s usually a soft, flowy, bunched together waved style that is brushed into soft, shiny locks that somewhat interlock together, forming one large wave. The style looks super sophisticated and classy, and is significantly different from a beach wave look.

You can create the style at home by curling all of your hair with a curling iron or curling wand, and after each individual curl is made, roll the curl up over your finger and pin to your head to cool. Once completely cooled, remove all pins from the hair, allow the curls to unwind as they were pinned, and then using a soft boar bristle brush, brush the curls out of the hair, leaving behind large waved sections of hair rather than individual curls as you started out with.

This style is appropriate for any special event, such as a wedding, a special dinner, or even a photoshoot. Celebrities love to wear this style to large red carpet events, so take some tips from them on what styles they tend to wear for what occasion and you can’t go wrong.

Both styles are beautiful and both work for various occasions. We hope you will give both styles a try this summer, and have fun wearing them – from all of us here at Lionesse.

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