Beautiful, Beachy Waves

Beautiful, Beachy Waves

Summertime is quickly approaching and that typically means we’re ready to switch up our hair and beauty go-to’s.  There’s something about beachy hair that just feels right during the summer time.  As the temperatures rise, typically we want to keep our hair and makeup routines easy and light.  The free-flowing nature of beachy hair is a perfect fit for our more relaxed summertime vibes.  Although it looks free-flowing and natural it’s often looked at as a difficult to achieve hairstyle.  But it doesn’t have to be!  Here are a few key tips to consider the next time you’re looking to achieve a beautiful, beachy hair look.

The Bun Method
Another way that’s been found to create natural beachy waves is tying your newly washed hair back into buns.  4 buns are suggested, sectioning your hair into four equal parts and spritzing your hair with either hairspray or your favorite salt spray to add a little texture and hold the shape.  Experts suggest not doing this when your hair is completely damp as it may not dry, but doing it before going to bed.  This way you should be all dry by the time you wake up in the morning and ready to take the buns down and have natural looking waves.  If you want to style it a bit more after they’ve been in the buns you can add a little more salt spray and/or hair spray and scrunch the hair to add a little more stylizing to the look.

Beachy waves

Salt Spray it Up
You know how the ocean water seems to bring out the natural waves in your hair?  Well to recreate it, spray your hair with some salt spray!  There are premixed salt sprays available to purchase, but you can also create your own by adding salt to water in a spray bottle.  Spray a little of the spray mix onto your damp hair and scrunch your hair all over.  This will help you to bring any of the natural waves in your hair.  It’s suggested to let the air dry or use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer.

Curl It
If you’re not into either of those techniques for achieving a natural beachy hair look you can always use the go-to curling iron.  For this type of look, you’re going to want to use a large barreled curling iron so that you don’t end up with tight curls.  To achieve this look with a curling iron all you need to do is grab different sized sections of hair and curl the pieces.  Typically, you want a loose wave so not going all the way to the bottom or top of your hair is suggested.  Spritz with hairspray or your salt spray throughout to create texture and hold.

While creating beachy hair may seem like it’s difficult to achieve, as you can see it doesn’t have to be!  Beachy looks tend to be all about the ease and embracing the natural wave.  Play around with the different techniques to find what works best for you and  your hair, you’ll have those beautiful beachy waves in no time!

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