Beauty And Trends Inspired From Ancient Greece

Beauty And Trends Inspired From Ancient Greece

Fashion and trends are always evolving, but as time goes on we tend to see inspiration and references in trends that were a part of history. What goes around, comes around right?! Designers are always finding ways to pull inspiration from previous time periods and manage to make them feel like new again. Recently there has been a big influx of beauty and trends inspired from Ancient Greece. Yep, the creative minds behind the fashion world have found a way to make event Ancient Greek styles feel like they’re brand new. It’s not that they repeating the exact styles, but rather found a way to reinvent the looks.

Light Fabrics
Thinking back to your history books in school, you likely noticed that the Ancient Greeks commonly wore garments in light fabrics. Because of the hot climate in Greece, the lightweight fabric was incredibly functional. Let’s not forget, they’re also beautiful and have a way of just floating about in a graceful yet dramatic manner. This year many of the designs shown on the Spring/Summer 2017 runways consisted of garments in lightweight fabrics that were very similar in appearance to those that the ancient Greeks wore in their time.

Long, Flowing Garments
Another big trend that was seen in designs from quite a few designers for this season is the long, flowing garments. This was a huge inspiration from Ancient Greece, as you can flip through any picture that shows what was worn at that time and you’ll see many of the Ancient Greeks wore long, flowing garments. The long, flowing garments is set to be a big trend from what was seen on the runways recently. The long, flowing detail definitely adds a bit of glamour to your look without any fuss.

long hair

Long Hair
We can’t forget about some of the beauty inspiration we’re seeing coming from Ancient Greece! You’ve probably noticed that there’s been quite the spike in very long hair as a trend recently. Long hair worn in a simple middle part and left without a lot of styling is another big inspiration from Ancient Greece we’re seeing right now. Of course, during the Ancient Greek times they didn’t have heated hair styling tools. In many pictures showing the time period, long hair worn in a way that was naturally wavy/curly was highly depicted. That being said, many of the designers showed a similar hair style with their designs.

It’s difficult to think or see pictures of Ancient Greece without noticing pleating in the garments that were worn. Although many Ancient Greeks opted for light fabrics and long, flowing garments that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of detail-and that holds true in the trends we’re seeing this year as well. Many designers showed designs that incorporated pleating in them, pulling a lot of Ancient Greece inspiration into the mix. Pleating is great because it’s always had a way of adding a little structured feeling to fabrics that don’t naturally have a lot of shape or hold to them on their own.

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