Beauty Bar Inspired Tracks

Beauty Bar Inspired Tracks

A very distinctive kind of salon is set to become the next big thing, and from the looks of things, it won’t be that long before the trend takes off, everywhere. Currently, you’ll have to visit the more concentrated metro areas to find these luxurious sources for beauty, inspiration and relaxation, but beauty bars manage to integrate the full monty in a way that meets needs we didn’t even know we had! Beauty bars are all about giving women more ways to recapture that “just got my hair cut today” sense of freshness, by expanding the way clients can receive services. So the point is to offer new, innovative reasons to drop in other than to get a haircut, so that a full range of options only gets better. With the average cut or trim occurring every month or two, the beauty bar can give women many other good hair days, and more. New beauty bars are the one-stop destination for total makeovers, with chic sophistication and high-quality services covering the entire spectrum of beauty treatments, from head to toe.

The Unique All-In-One Solution
The best part of beauty bars is that they offer an all in one solution to every beauty need you and your friends might have. They’re an awesome way to make the whole beautification thing into a social event. Beauty bars offer a fresh and exciting new venue for all types of parties, impromptu get-togethers among friends and even professionals who enjoy giving special clients the VIP treatment. Bachelorette parties love beauty bars, and they offer great bonding time for mothers and daughters, as well. And, even when it’s just you, the beauty bar is the most awesome oasis, where you can rejuvenate in the most wonderful of atmospheres anywhere.

The Importance of Sound
In providing every possible type of soothing service, the sound ambiance, while more subtle, weighs in heavily for people more than they might imagine. Some beauty bars host special times when a DJ is featured, as well as showcasing special music themes from time to time, like “Retro Motown Night,” “Dubstep,” “Electronic” and more. When a less specified mix is offered, it’s gotta be good, and here are some of “the top tracks to treat by.” Sometimes, it’s got to be tracks by the celebs we get our inspo from, and here are the great tracks from the ones who surely do that:

  • Haunted–Beyonce
  • Super Bass–Nicki Minaj
  • California Girls–Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg
  • Whip My Hair–Willow Smith
  • This is How We do It–Katy Perry
  • Telephone–Lady Gaga
  • Pretty Girls–Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea
  • Sweet Escape–Gwen Stefani
  • Cool for the Summer–Demi Lovato
  • Born to Die–Lana Del Rey
  • We Can’t Stop–Miley Cyrus
  • Diamonds–Rihanna
  • What’s My Name?–Rihanna
  • Empire–Shakira
  • Call it Whatever–Bella Thorne
  • Blank Space–Taylor Swift
  • Wildest Dreams–Taylor Swift
  • Come and Get it–Selena Gomez
  • How Ya Doin’–Little Mix
  • Want You Back–Cher Lloyd
  • Who’s Laughing Now–Jessie J


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