Belts and Beauty

Belts and Beauty

Traditionally, belts have been known as a fashion accessory for function…holding up your pants.  However in the past few years, belts have made an impact in the fashion world in a way that’s different from function and more about fashion.  Belts are all over the place, but not being worn to hold up pants.  They add a fun layer of drama to any outfit, so naturally, we had to chat more about belts in honor of our drama queen week celebration.  If you’re interested in incorporating belts into your wardrobe in a way that’s more about fashion, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to do it!

Belting a Dress
Like we said, belts have traditionally been worn to actually hold pants up but we’ve seen a lot of women wearing belts over their dresses.  It’s actually a really great way to create more emphasis on your waistline (or creating a waistline), so it’s a really figure flattering trick.  Additionally, if you have a dress that’s flowy or doesn’t have a lot of shape, leaving you a bit lost in the fabric adding a belt at your waistline is a great way to create more shape in the dress and make sure you’re not lost.  Not to mention, it’s a fun way to accessorize and switch up your dress.

Woman wearing a jacket

Over Jackets
Another common way belts are being worn in a more fashion way is over jackets…that’s right we said OVER jackets.  Similar to a dress, it’s a great way to add more structure to your outfit and cinch the waist.  Now when we say jackets with belts that’s not just a blazer, women are also wearing belts over long vests, long sweaters, and even cardigans.  Basically, if you have a third piece, you can add a belt over the top to create more of a waistline or just switch up your look.

Just Adding the Extra Touch
It’s actually rare that we’re seeing belts being worn through the belt loops of pants, instead, most women are wearing them higher up more at their natural waistline.  Like we said, wearing them there is a great way to emphasize or create a waistline or honestly just add a little extra touch.  So you can pretty much add a belt to any outfit – you’d probably be surprised at how much adding a belt can completely change your entire outfit.  Belts are great ways to add a little texture or color to your outfit.

One of the biggest things to consider when wearing belts is the width of the belt in proportion to your body.  Meaning, if you have a very short waist avoid wearing a very wide belt as it can be a little too overwhelming to your body and shape.  While on the flip side if you have a longer waist you can opt for a wider width belt.  Ultimately….have fun with belts!  They’re really fun to mix and match and experiment with when it comes to fashion.

Do you have a favorite way to rock a belt?

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