Best Outdoor Exercises

Best Outdoor Exercises

Summertime is a prime time to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. It always seems like the summer season comes and goes quite quickly, so making a conscious effort to spend as much time outside as possible is a priority for many of us. We’ve been trying to find as many ways to get outside as possible, and realized that exercising is a great way to do something healthy AND enjoy the gorgeous weather. While it sounds great to exercise outdoors if you’re anything like us you may not know the best outdoor exercises to spend your time on. We did a bit of research for you (and ourselves!) to determine the best outdoor exercises and, as always, we’re sharing them with you now.

Biking may seem like a simple answer, and so many experts in the health and wellness world suggest adding biking into your exercise routine. Since the weather is great this time of the year, it’s perfect to introduce biking to your routine. Not to mention, it’s a really great workout! You’re able to work a lot of the lower body muscles in a way that can be tricky to do with a lot of other exercises. In addition, biking is known to be a great cardio workout giving you a plethora of health benefits. Of course, we can’t forget to mention that biking is great because it’s a low impact exercise option. So if you have any joint injuries or struggles this is the perfect way to get exercise and cardio into your routine without irritating those areas.

Woman running along the sidewalk while listening to music

Even though these two exercises are different, we felt as though we could group them together for the sake of this article. You know that running is great exercise and this time of year is perfect to take your running routine outdoors and soak up all the gorgeous weather and a little vitamin D while you’re out there. Plus, let’s face it, it makes the time go by a little faster than when you’re on the treadmill. If running isn’t for you, regardless of the reason, walking is another great alternative. You’re able to gain a lot of health benefits by getting your body moving and your heart rate up and you’re going to enjoy the weather outdoors. Again, the time seems to go by much faster and it seems more enjoyable when you’re able to take these exercises outdoors.

Smiling woman putting on her rollerblades by the lake

You may not have thought about rollerblading in a while, but it’s an incredible exercise to enjoy outdoors. This definitely isn’t an exercise you can do when there are snow and ice on the ground, but perfect for this time of year. In fact, experts suggest that if you’re really eager to work on your legs and glutes rollerblading is one of the best outdoor exercises for that. Rollerblading requires you to utilize your glutes and upper leg muscles in a way that’s much different than running and biking do, which also help to burn a significant amount of calories.

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