Blowout vs Chemical Relaxing

Blowout vs Chemical Relaxing

Women have been going to salons to alter their hair for years, but in recent years, the popularity of the blowouts and chemical relaxing hair treatments have gained major momentum.  There’s a reason full blowout bar salons are opening up left and right all over the country, because women are all over the trend of having their hair styled for them on a somewhat regular basis.  Like anything, there are pros and cons to the blowouts and chemical relaxing treatments.  If you’re not sure which of the hair treatments to try out, we’re going to do a comparison to help you decide for yourself.

Generally, blowouts are set up where you go to the salon, your stylist washes your hair and blow dries and styles your hair.  When styling it’s usually an additional charge if you’re seeking an updo or something that requires a flat iron or curling iron.  It’s a great way to get a quick hairstyle in if you have an important meeting or event of some kind coming up.  The downside of blowouts is that often the stylists are limited in what they can/will do with your hair during the appointment time (without additional charges) so you often end up having the same look as everyone else in the salon.  While you can elongate the lifespan of your blowout using things like dry shampoo and baby powder, you will lose it once you wash your hair entirely.  So in other words, you only have the blowout for as long as you’re willing to go without washing your hair.

Chemical Relaxing
If you want something that will last you longer than until your next hair wash the chemical relaxing treatments are something to consider.  These treatments were designed to you guessed it…chemically treat the hair to be straight for an extended period of time.  They’ve finally created treatments that don’t burn the scalp (well, that’s a plus).  Most of these treatments are designed for the person to take a shower and let their hair dry – yep, that’s it!  That being said there has been a lot of skepticism with many people about the products used in these treatments and wondering how safe they really are.  Because the treatments often contain formaldehyde some people are wary about opting for this option out of concern.  While there isn’t much to show the long-term effects of these treatments it’s really up to you to decide what your comfort level is.  The bonus of these treatments is the longevity of the results are often months at a time.  While the initial investment is larger than your traditional blowout, you don’t have to go in as frequently.

So it seems the differences between the blowout and chemical relaxers are quite different, and they really come down to personal preferences.  It’s up to you to decide which of these options is right for you.  Do your research, and whichever option you do choose, be sure you go to a qualified hairstylist that’s knowledgeable and experienced.

What do you think of the two options?  Will you try one over the other?

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