Blue Jeans & White Tees

Blue Jeans & White Tees

There’s something so timelessly American about blue jeans and white tees.  In fact, brands like Tommy Hilfiger build brands around it!  Other than the fact that this look is all-American all around, it’s also timeless and always looks great – as long as you pull it off right that is.  So to make sure you’re pulling the jeans and white tee look together the best way possible, we’re sharing our must-know tips to make sure you look your best while rocking it like a true American!

Fit is Key
Since it is such a classic, and minimal look fit is key when pulling it off right.  You’re going to need to consider what style jeans work with YOUR body shape the best, typically a straight leg or boot cut is the most versatile cuts on body shapes.  However, you may be more of a skinny jean type of girl.  Taking it a step further, make sure you’re not completely squeezing yourself into the jeans.  Not only is it uncomfortable but it’s not the most flattering.  When it comes to the white tee, consider how the tee lays on your body.  Most women don’t love when tees are super tight and hugging their body extremely closely, figure out what fit feels and looks best on you.  Traditionally, this look is with a more loosely fitting white tee (not too loose though!)

Consider the Shoes
Since the look is so minimal, choosing the right shoes is going to be a huge factor in this look.  For the heel girls, rocking a pair of your favorite heels is a fun way to dress up this traditionally casual look.  If you’re not so much a heel girl, find a pair of flats that have a little flair to them to add a fun little twist to your look.

Hair and Makeup
Again, the look is traditionally pretty casual so to bring that vibe into your entire look keeping your makeup and hair natural is best.  Letting your hair down, in loose natural waves or curls tends to add to the relaxed feel of the jeans and tee esthetic.  Additionally, keeping your makeup pretty subtle is a nice touch.  Perhaps adding some bronzy glow to give it a little glam in a natural way is a fun twist, but overall keep it light and easy to really get into the full vibe of the look.

Keep Accessories Simple
While it is a minimal look, you can certainly add a few of your favorite accessories like a necklace or something.  Typically, you’ll want to keep accessories fairly minimal.  If you want to spice it up, add a bold statement necklace but keep the rest subtle.  If you’re more of a delicate necklace girl, try layering a couple of your favorites.  It’s all about little touches that bring in your personality but keep it simple at the same time.

Blue jeans and white tee looks are so versatile and really fun to work with in bringing out your own personality.  How do you rock this look?

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