Bombshell Hair with the Lionesse Flat Iron

Bombshell Hair with the Lionesse Flat Iron

There’s been a lot of innovation with advancing flat iron capabilities recently, and the results are stunning! While it certainly makes things nice to have a full heat styling set, if you’re ever stuck with only a flat iron for your hair, you still have no excuses for not getting some gorgeous curls. And the only way to make sure you get the most advanced technology and design is to go with a superior tool that is backed by high-quality and ease of use—combined with being extra gentle on your hair. Whether silky straight is your mission, or you want curls, you can have it all, if you have a Lionesse Flat Iron in your hand, plugged in and turned on. Here are some amazing, easy and fast ways to flat iron your tresses with style and pro-prowess:

Twisted Tresses
Begin this one by sectioning your hair in at least two—but more is better—sections. Because it’s twisted, you’ll need to advance the flat iron down twice, from roots to ends. Once with the heat plates touching mostly the top and bottom of the twist, and then once to get the sides. Hold in twisted position until you’re sure that all the heat has dissipated from the curls before letting go. Lightly spray with a flexible hold hairspray, allow to dry and use your fingers to gently tousle the twists apart.

More Traditional Curling with Your Lionesse Flat Iron
From sexy, beachy waves to tighter ringlet-styled curls, it’s all within your capability with the Lionesse Flat Iron. The trick is in how you position the flat iron, once you’ve shut it onto each strand. Starting just above or right at the midway point of each strand, clamp the plates together on the strand and rotate the wand while maintaining the same grip, until you have completed a half turn—with what had been the outside portion of the iron now facing your head. While holding this position, slowly glide the iron down the length of the strand, so that you’re bending the hair in a curling effect as you progress downward. Allow each curled strand to cool before touching. The larger the section of hair, the looser the curl will be. An even quicker curling can be done by first putting all your hair into a high ponytail, and flat iron curling sections, cooling and then removing the ponytail holder. Voila!

Relaxed Curls for Kinky Hair
Your Lionesse Flat Iron offers the best way to loosen up tight, natural curls to turn them into beachy waves, soft curls and looser style. You’ll need to play with the exact angle for holding your flat iron in relation to the strands—to produce the intensity of curl results you desire. By working with smaller sections at a time, you will have more precise control. Because you’re creating this hairstyle with your Lionesse Flat Iron, you can begin by using it to straighten each strand out a few inches to mid-strand from the roots, at which point your actual curl effects begin. A sharper angle for the flat iron will make more dramatic curls.

Luxe Flat Iron Effects by Lionesse
Place the iron directly at the roots, or at the midsection of each strand and wrap the strand over and over one plate side, then close plates together. With fresh curl intact, slip out the iron and allow the strand to cool.  Rake and gently tousle with fingers.

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