Bronzer or Blush

Bronzer or Blush

Ahhh the great debate: bronzer or blush?  It’s a question, or dilemma, for women everywhere and has been for years…yet we still don’t have a definite answer.  Probably because it depends, on you!  Makeup like anything we wear or put on our bodies is so personal there’s not really a right or wrong answer between these two options.  There is, however, some things to consider if you can’t figure out which route to go for yourself.  So we’re going to go through some of our top tips to consider when you’re debating between bronzer and blush.

The main purpose of blush is to add some color to your cheeks, to add a little warmness to your skin.  The big difference between blush and bronzer is that blush is used only at the cheek area.  Blush is available in a wide range of different colors between pink to orange, shimmer to matte.  It’s really up to you what you like best!  But blush is great at highlighting your cheek area and creating a natural contour, or definition.

Bronzer is really designed to create a healthy glow look, to add some color in the bronzed sense.  If you’re wanting to look a bit more tanned then bronzer is a definite must for your makeup routine.  While bronzers do come in shimmer and matte finishes, most makeup artists and bloggers tend to love the matte finish more because it gives a more natural glow look.  Typically, when applying bronzer you don’t want to apply it all over your face but instead create the shape of “3” on your face – forehead/hairline, just under the cheekbone, and under the chin.  This is because those are the places the sun naturally hits your face when you’re in the sun (you can add a tad to your nose as well for this reason), so it’s a great technique to add a healthy, natural glow look to your makeup.  Similar to blush, bronzer is a great product to use to create a contoured look.  Because of where it’s suggested to apply it creates great, natural definition to your face.

How to Choose
While some experts suggest that fair skin ladies don’t apply bronzer, it’s really more about personal preferences.  Since both bronzer and blush come in a variety of different shades and colors there’s really something for everyone.  It’s more about what you like best.  If you want color in more of a tan way – bronzer is the way to go.  While if you’re looking to add color to bring actual color to your skin – blush is your answer!  It’s worth noting you can definitely wear both blush and bronzer together, in fact, there are a ton of products out that offer a blush/bronzer duo that you’re able to swirl the two colors together to get the best of both.  Win-win!  Like anything makeup related, it takes some practice and trial to figure out which look you like best.

What do you think of the blush vs. bronzer debate?  Are you one over the other?  Or both?

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