Caring for Hands Through Cold Weather

Caring for Hands Through Cold Weather

A lot of people’s hands tend to go without the care befitting a body part of its importance. You depend on your hands to accomplish an amazing variety of tasks, and especially in this busy world, it’s not difficult to see why the hands might often go overlooked. Many times, it’s only when we sustain an injury to our hands that we ever give them a second thought. To avoid one day, suddenly looking down at your hands and really seeing them, and finding them to be in far worse shape, with wrinkled skin and scaly. And then, to imagine that you could have avoided this problem, with just a little thoughtful TLC–there’s still time to do something to avoid this. Read on.

Develop a Hand Care Plan for Winter That You Can Live With
The best method of hand care is a year-round regimen, with certain changes to coincide with seasonal elements. Winter is the harshest time of year for skin, and particularly the skin on your hands, where skin is not always protected. This winter, take care of your hands by the following:

  • Winter Protection for Your Hands When Outdoors: Invest in a good-fitting, really comfortable pair of winter gloves that adequately keep your hands warm without being too bulky or cumbersome. Anything less, and your chances of wearing them greatly decline. Keep your winter gloves somewhere convenient, like in your go-to winter coat or jacket pocket, and develop a habit of wearing them anytime you will be out in the cold or wind more than a minute or so. This is prevention, which is always easier than repairing.
  • Protective Gloves for Indoor Use: There are a number of things everyone does while indoors that can dry out or irritate hands. Washing dishes, along with cleaning many household items–especially bathrooms–require the use of many caustic formulations that never have to come in contact with properly gloved hands. There are protective gloves you can buy and reuse for quite a while, and there are the disposable gloves, like the ones used in the medical profession, and both types work well.
  • Healing Gloves: For an intense moisturizing treatment, generously coat your hands with an effective cream or lotion and before you slip into bed, slip your hands into some clean, cotton or cotton blend gloves, for an overnight soak. You’ll wake up with hands as soft as a baby’s
  • Gentler Sanitizing: Especially in some occupations, frequent hand sanitation is imperative. If this refers to you, purchase one of the hand sanitizing products that is formulated in a moisturizing cream base. Gold Bond sells one, and there are more. And slip a travel-size bottle or jar of hand cream, to use at every opportunity.
  • Make Sure Your Hand Lotion or Cream Really Works: There are certain ingredients that are proven to work, and the rest is just filler, more or less.  Read labels. Don’t use products containing alcohol or mineral oil, ever. Look instead for Retinol, which exfoliates, helps dark spots and aids the skin’s moisture retention capabilities. Both silicones and humectants are excellent forms of moisturizing your hands, and they don’t leave a residual greasiness or lasting feeling as they continue to work.
  • Sunscreen: Don’t be fooled into foregoing the sunscreen just because you won’t be wearing a bathing suit or planning a poolside adventure. Even on rainy, snowy days, the sun’s harmful rays are at work, so protect your hands, year-round, with SPF of 30 or higher.
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