Challenge The Red Lip With These Fall Lip Colors

Challenge The Red Lip With These Fall Lip Colors

When it comes to wearing lipstick, the color trends tend to change pretty quickly.  This past year we’ve seen a major range in different lipstick colors that have been popular.  But of course, there’s always that classic red lip that is such a go-to color for so many women.  However, if you’re like us you want to switch things up sometimes – but you may not be 100% sure what colors to switch up with your classic red lip.  We’re encouraging you to challenge the red lip with these fall lip colors, we’re going to share some of the gorgeous fall colors that look good on everyone.  So you can switch things up from your classic red, but be sure the shades look great!

Ruby Red
While we’re all about the classic, bold red lip color there’s something about a more ruby red that’s just so flattering and fall color inspired that we love on everyone.  No matter what skin tone you have personally, ruby shades just look so stunning.  Typically, ruby shades of red have a pinky/red tone to them that differentiates them from the classic red.  Giving it a little more of a warm feeling won’t have you missing that classic red shade!

Coral/Orange Shades
If you’re not really into the brown or bronze colors, we’ve got another option for you to challenge that red lip.  Try a coral and/or orange shade of lipstick.  It’s incredibly flattering on all skin tones and gives you that some bold color that you get from a red lip but in a different color shade.  So you get some versatility without having to wear red all the time, but can still feel great for the fall season because…hello, fall…orange…ringing any bells?

woman bronze lipstick

Pink/Bronze Shades
See a theme with the pink tones?  Bronze lip colors can sometimes be intimidating for a lot of women, but when you have a bronze shade that has some pink undertones to it, it’s incredibly flattering on all skin tones and really has that gorgeous fall color vibe to it.  It’s a great neutral shade that you can wear in the daytime or evening.  If you’re not quite sure about the bronze feel, try it in a gloss first – we’re sure you’re going to love it more than you think!  Not to mention, it’s a fun change from red.

Brown Shades
Ok, before you panic, we’re not saying you need to go as bold or dramatic as the brown shades of lipstick we’ve been seeing recently with the 90’s revival.  Opting for a more subtle brown lip color, with some pink undertones is incredibly flattering on everyone.  Not to mention, it’s a total change from wearing red lips.  Look for a brown shade of lipstick that’s not too dark, but not too light either to get a little bit of something without it being over-the-top.  Especially if you’re not used to seeing yourself in anything besides red.  We promise, brown shades are incredibly flattering, and what better way to get a little fall vibe into your makeup look that referencing a traditionally fall-inspired color?


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