Choose Hair Extensions

Choose Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have quickly grown to become a common beauty must for so many women.  They’re great for adding length, or more volume to the wearer’s hair (among other things).  But of course there are many different types of hair extensions as well as different application processes, so prior to getting extensions put in its wise to do some research and figuring out which method/type is best fit for you and your hair.  To help cut down on some of your research time, we gathered a few tips to consider when you’re choosing hair extensions for yourself.

Consider the Different Types of Extensions
The types of hair extensions range from clip-ins to micro-beading and many others in between.  It’s important for you to understand the difference between each method so you can understand which option is best fit for your desired outcome.  For example, clip-in extensions are temporary as you take them in and out yourself very easily which is great for versatility.  However, they do tend to get knotted and a bit matted looking because of the fact that they’re typically taken in and out so often.  With micro-beading extensions is one of the newest types of extensions and found to be one of the best for those that also want to color their hair.  These extensions don’t require any tape or glue and are simply put in place with a small bead that attaches to your natural hair.  They’ve found that they don’t damage your natural hair, either. Regardless, it’s really important to seek an expert and ask their opinion on which type of extension is going to be the best fit for your lifestyle, hair type, and desired look.

Think About the Time and Investment Commitment
Again just like there are different types of extensions, they all require different care time and are at different price points.  Clip ins tend to be the least expensive, while micro-beading will cost more because of the application time necessary.  Additionally, with each extension type there’s a different care plan necessary.  Understanding what’s required for you to keep up with the look of your extensions is crucial.  Before committing to extensions it’s important to know what care is necessary – how often do you need to go into the salon?  What special products do you need in order to keep them looking nice?  And so on.

Color and Style
Depending on the type of extension you choose you’re going to want to be sure you can get them in a color that you want (either to match perfectly to your natural hair… or not).  In addition to the color, it’s important to consider the cut/style of the hair.  Typically with clip-ins you’re going to be limited to the colors available, while with extensions put in by an extension specialist the stylist will generally either color the extensions to match or have more color variety to choose from, plus they’re typically going to cut the extensions to make sure that they blend in with your natural hair once they’ve completely put in all the extensions.

Just like anything hair-related, when considering getting extensions it’s really important to seek the help of a certified professional to make sure you’re going to someone who knows what they’re doing, can answer all your questions, and is qualified to give you the look you’re wanting to achieve.

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