Choosing A Better Bar Soap

Choosing A Better Bar Soap

Choosing the soap you use for your body is a task in itself. Ok, let’s be honest though…you probably don’t spend as much time choosing the right type of soap as you really should. It’s easy to think that soap is soap, and not feel like it makes a difference when you’re just using it to clean your skin-right? If that’s your mindset around choosing soap you’re definitely not alone. The truth is, the bar soap you use is just as important as the products you use to cleanse your facial skin with. Haven’t thought about it like that, have you? We have some tips on choosing a better bar soap to make sure ALL of your skin is in its healthiest state possible.

Understand Your Skin Type
As we mentioned above, choosing the right bar soap for you is just as important as the cleanser you use when washing your face. We often talk about choosing cleansing products based on your skin type and you should actually be applying that same mentality with your bar soap. Understanding your skin type will help you to have a better understanding of what type of bar soap your skin will adapt to. Using a bar soap that’s not working WITH your skin type often leads to skin irritation and skin dryness.

Thoroughly Read the Soap Label
When shopping for bar soap products it’s pretty common to grab the first one or two you see listing one or two key words and not look any further. The problem with doing that is you’re not getting all the information on the bar soap when you don’t thoroughly read the label. Not all skin care products, bar soaps included, are created equally and have the ingredients/benefits that you need for your skin type. Experts suggest taking your time when reading the labels, look for options and brands that really focus on adding moisture to the skin. Yes, even if you have oily skin type your skin still needs moisture. Since many bar soap products tend to get negative reviews because they can cause dryness-moisture and hydration need to be the main benefits from the bar soaps that you choose. Typically, you’ll want to choose a bar soap that lists a lot of vitamins and natural oils in the label as those ingredients tend to be the best at helping to provide more moisturiziation to the skin upon use.

Skip the Fragrance
Look, we’re all about smelling great and soap products are great for adding to an overall body scent. The problem with many fragrances that are added to skin care products, especially soaps you’re applying to your entire body, is they can cause a lot of irritation in the skin. Many people tend to experience irritation and allergic reactions to fragrances. Even if you don’t notice irritation from fragrance, most experts suggest to opt out of fragrance filled bar soaps because they tend to be much harsher on the skin.

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