Choosing a Skincare Gift For a Friend

Choosing a Skincare Gift For a Friend

Gift giving can be…stressful.  Choosing a gift of any kind for a friend can be a task to say the least.  Not because you don’t know your friend, but because giving a gift to someone you care about is important.  Obviously, you want to give them something that they will enjoy and be able to get great use out of.  While gift giving can be difficult enough, it can be even trickier when you consider giving a skincare gift.  We’re sharing some of our favorite things to consider when choosing a skincare gift for a friend.

Consider their skin type
Now when you’re thinking of skin care gifts, it’s super important to be aware of the person’s skin type.  Before you panic, remember it’s your friend and you probably know their skin type more than you think.  Have you heard your friend mention they have sensitive skin?  How about skin that’s prone breakouts?  You’ve probably noticed more about their skin than you initially think, but take those things into consideration when giving a skincare gift.

Think about what TYPE of skin-care gift you want to give
As you already know, there are thousands of different skin care products and brands available (not to overwhelm you or anything).  So when you’re thinking about giving a skincare gift you’ll want to narrow things down as much as you can.  Think about what exactly you want to give your friend that’s skin care related.  Perhaps you want to give them a skincare gift/basket set.  Or maybe you want to give them more of a pampering product like a special face mask or something.  Or maybe you want to treat them to a high end brand that they would normally never splurge on themselves.  Take these questions into consideration to help narrow some of the choices down.  Just going into the store without asking yourself these things can get you feeling even more overwhelmed.  Have some sort of idea in mind first.

Don’t forget about the scent
One of the big things around skincare gifts is the fact that many of them are scented.  Now if you know what types of scents your friend likes, you’re in the clear.  But if you’re not totally sure what scents they like and/or dislike we suggest sticking with skin care products that are NOT scented to make sure you’re not getting them something on the latter!

Fortunately, there are plenty of skin care gift options available now.  Department stores and other online retailers can be great places to start for some inspiration and ideas.  Asking those that work in the stores, or even sending an inquiry to a specific brand can be great ways to find out more about particular items and options.  Most importantly, remember that putting in the thought and ideas into giving a gift to your friend will mean so much to them.  As much as we put pressure on ourselves to give the perfect gift, it really is the thought that counts.

What do you find helps in choosing a skincare gift for a friend?


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