Choosing The Most Perfect Pearls

Choosing The Most Perfect Pearls

Pearls have been a highly admired and sought after jewelry item for years.  It’s no surprise, either – they’re stunning!  There’s something so timeless about pearls, especially when they’re made into stunning jewelry items.  If you’ve been in the market for pearls at all, you know it can be a little confusing to actually pick the perfect pearls available.  We’re all about beauty here at Lionesse, and we think pearls are beautiful so we thought it would be fun to share some tips for choosing the most perfect pearls.

Understand the TYPE of pearls
Many experts have said that there are more options in pearls available now than ever before.  In the past pearls really only came from Japan, but now there are more areas of the world that are harvesting pearls and have incredibly beautiful pearls to be found.  While there is more freshwater type of pearls available than before, there has also been an increase in man-made pearls.  The terms used to describe the two major types of pearl categories are natural and cultured, cultured pearls mean that there was some sort of man-made aspect to the process of the pearls being created.  While many people can’t really tell the difference between the natural and cultured by looking at them, the cultured pearls are often much less expensive than the natural pearls.

Look at the characteristics
When you’re looking for pearls, most pearl experts suggest the best pearls have a lot of them.  Generally good quality pearls will have a lot of luster and a distinct overtone.  Overtone is referred to the ‘glow’ that appears to almost over the pearl’s surface.  It’s said that the overtone tends to vary depending on where the pearls are originally from.  Because pearls are natural things, they will rarely be PERFECT.  Most suggest that having little ‘flaws’ here and there are what give the natural pearls their character and really show that they’re real pearls.  However, if there are pearls that exhibit a lot of bumps and grooves it’s suggested to stay away from those as they can often also have cracks and things underneath the top layer and cause problems for the wearer later on.

Consider the color of the pearls
Pearls often range in color, some are left in their natural color, but many pearls have their colors altered to create a more vibrant coloring.  It’s not a big deal for the coloring to be changed (unless you’re just more about the natural color of pearls), but it is important to look at how the colors look against YOUR skin tone.  Let’s face it, all jewelry looks stunning when you’re at the jewelry store (they really know how to create amazing lighting) but when you’re looking for pearls that are perfect you’re obviously going to want something that looks great against your skin.  Before making a final decision, we highly suggest you place the pearls against your skin tone both in indoor lighting and natural lighting (if possible).

Do you have a favorite way to choosing the perfect pearls?

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