Choosing The Perfect Pearl

Choosing The Perfect Pearl

Are you in the market for pearls? They’re such a classic when it comes to jewelry, and it’s always a fun experience to add a new piece of jewelry to your collection. Pearls, much like other stones, come in a wide variety of colors and options. Choosing the perfect pearl can be a bit overwhelming, but having as much information about the variety of options available is a huge help to make sure you get the best option for you. If you’re planning to add pearls to your collection any time soon, you’re going to want to hang out for a bit because we’re sharing some information on what pearls look best for different skin tones.

Understanding Undertone
When it comes to choosing the perfect pearl, and really ensuring that it flatters your skin tone you want to begin by first understanding your own skin’s undertone. As human beings, all of us have an undertone to our skin.  Skin’s undertone can be warm, cool or neutral. If you’re not sure what undertone your skin falls under, one of the easiest ways to determine it is by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist/elbow area. If your veins are on the green side, you likely air on the warm undertone side. If your veins are more blue, then you are likely on the cool undertone category. If you find that you have a combination of blue and green tones in your veins then that likely means that you’re in the neutral category–a mixture of both warm and cool.

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Pearls Have An Overtone
Now that you have a bit more understanding of your personal undertone, we need to get into pearl’s overtones. Yes, while we have undertones, pearls have overtones. All types of pearls come with a variety of different overtones. The traditional white pearls typically come in rose, silver and cream. Sound familiar? Much like human beings, pearls have overtones that really fall into similar categories as undertones: a cool tone, warm tone, and neutral tone. Rose overtone is often looked at as the warmer overtone, silver the cooler, and cream being the neutral tone. Many experts suggest that choosing a pearl overtone that’s contrasting to your personal undertone is a great way to really compliment the pearls and your own skin tone. That being said, many experts suggest that rose overtone pearls look best on those with a cooler undertone while silver tends to look best on those with a warmer undertone. The cream overtone pearls are said to look great on everyone because of its neutral overtone. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a white pearl, or even a black pearl–they all come in a variety of overtones which is important to consider and understand when choosing the perfect pearl.

While we share all of these tips, we can’t stress enough that when choosing the perfect pearl it really comes down to the color and overtone that you resonate with the most. Try on a variety of overtones and ultimately opt for the option you love the most.

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