Choosing the Right Party Dress

Choosing the Right Party Dress

Let’s face it we all have a little drama queen inside us, dying to come out every once in a while.  There’s no better time to bring out a little extra drama than a party, with a fabulous dress.  Although it can be overwhelming picking out a party dress, you want to be sure you choose a great option and something that really flatters your shape.  When it’s a special occasion, you want to feel…special!  If you’re having a hard time choosing the right party dress we’re going to share some of our must-know tips to helping you choose one that’s perfect for you.

Consider Your Body Shape
The first thing you need to consider when you’re dress shopping is your own personal body shape.  Get in touch with your body and figure out what areas of your body you want to enhance or camouflage.  Understanding the areas of your body you want to enhance will help you be able to focus on finding dresses that do exactly that.  It will make the search much easier since you have a little more of an idea in mind – even if it’s just what area of your body you want to be the focus.

What Foundation Pieces are Necessary
Since party dresses tend to have different straps and structure than your everyday clothes, when trying on different dresses think about what foundation pieces (or undergarments) are going to be necessary to make sure you feel comfortable in the dress.  If you don’t have the necessary undergarments, are you willing to invest in them?  Additionally, make sure you’re going to be comfortable wearing those particular undergarments.  If the required undergarments aren’t comfortable for you, it’s probably not the best dress choice for you.  For example, if you feel like you need to wear shapewear under the dress to feel good in it but you hate wearing shapewear…maybe find a different dress.

Decide How Much of a Statement You Want to Make
When it comes to party dresses, there are all kinds of options available, from the super dramatic statements to the more subtle statements.  Instead of buying something that you feel like you’re supposed to wear, choose a dress based on how much of a statement YOU want to make for your special night out.  Whether it’s with more subtle glam or sequined glam, it’s all about choosing something you feel like you in and makes you feel your best.

Get Some Inspiration!
When it comes to choosing a special occasion party dress, it’s a great idea to get inspired before heading out to actually shop.  Hoping on sites like Pinterest and pinning the overall looks that you’re drawn to will help you get an idea of what you do like in party dresses.  Just start pinning what you like, once you’ve found a bunch of images you like, look back at what you’ve found and look for some commonalities.  You’ll likely be surprised at how similar a lot of the images are!

What are some of your favorite ways you find choosing the right party dress?

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