Clearing Dark Under Eye Circles

Clearing Dark Under Eye Circles

Do you struggle with dark under eye circles?  You’re not alone!  So many people, both men and women have dark under eye circles.  So many, in fact, that it seems like there’s a new dark under eye circle product hitting the market daily.  With so many options, it can be difficult to determine what products actually work and are really worth the investment.  The first thing to consider when it comes to clearing dark under eye circles is you need to understand why/how they appeared.  There’s a range of causes that can lead to having dark under eye circles,  from genetics to allergies to age – whatever your reason you need to know WHY you have them before you can really clear them.  This will help lead you to clearing dark under eye circles more effectively.

If dark under eye circles run in your family, don’t fret – you can still find some ways to clear them, as many people have found ways to clear them pretty effectively.  It’s going to be important to make some of the techniques a habit and really daily habits for you to really clear the dark under eye circles effectively here.  Many experts suggest sleeping with your head raised can be really beneficial, as many have found that dark under eye circles result from blood flowing  to the under eye area.  In addition, applying a cold compress to your under eye area in the morning has been found to help clear them as well.  Finally, you’re going to want to look for an eye cream that has caffeine listed as an ingredient.  Caffeine has been found to be incredibly beneficial to those that have genetic dark under eye circles.  Making these things a habit for yourself, have been found to give people incredible results.

If you have allergies and find that when they act up, you tend to have dark under eye circles that arise, you’re going to actually want to focus more on getting your allergies under control – since they’re clearly the culprit to causing you to have these dark under eye circles.  Of course, we totally understand that you’re going to want an immediate fix as well.  Using yellow based concealer to cover the dark under eye circles can be a quick fix.  To really get the blended look so it doesn’t LOOK like  you’re covering dark under eye circles you’ll want to be sure you set the concealer with a powder product to hold it in place and blend well.  Of course, be sure you do this AFTER you apply a quality eye cream product and allow it to dry.

Many people experience dark under eye circles due to aging, as we get older, our skin often becomes thinner which is why dark under eye circles may appear.  To help combat this, you’re going to want to help give your skin a collagen boost to and really brighten up that under eye skin area.  To do this, look for eye creams that are specifically formulated to help with collagen production and skin brightening.

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