Coachella’s Updated Lineup

Coachella’s Updated Lineup

Coachella 2017 is just a few weeks away, the ever popular music festival is coming around for another year with attendees ramping up to attend. This year, Coachella is taking place April 14-16 and April 21-23. If you already scored your tickets to the festival, you’re probably anxiously awaiting for the weeks to pass by. Whether you already purchased them, or you’re still deciding one of the most anticipated aspects of the festival is the actual lineup. There’s always a lot of press and gossip that goes around in the months and weeks leading up to Coachella. Let’s face it…we all want to know what artists are going to be performing! This year there’s definitely been a lot of different chatter going on around the lineup, so we thought we would share Coachella’s updated lineup as of now.

What’s likely to be one of the biggest updates to the lineup has to be since it was announced that Beyonce would not be performing at Coachella this year. You probably heard that news that shook the world (didn’t it seem to?) recently, and everyone had been panicked wondering who was going to replace Queen Bey herself. It was announced that none other than Lady Gaga will be performing in place of Beyonce for the lineup. They definitely didn’t disappoint, after Lady Gaga’s Superbowl performance we can’t wait to see how she rocks the stage at Coachella in her own way. Lady Gaga will be performing Saturday, April 15th and 22nd at the festival.

While the news of Lady Gaga taking Beyonce’s place at Coachella, that’s not the only change that’s happened with the lineup. It seems that there have been quite a few other pretty big updates to the ever desired lineup for this year. The festival has added Skepta, who is a UK based rapper, rising Hampton, VA crooner D.R.A.M., and T.S.O.L.A. Whew, ok those are quite a few new additions to the lineup.  But just when you think that’s all the updates…it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to the above mentioned additions to Coachella’s lineup, it’s said that Surf Curse, Slow Hollows, Surfbort, Shannon and the Clams and Downtown Boys have all been added to the lineup as well.  In other words, there have been quite a few new additions to the updated lineup. However, when there are that many additions it’s natural that there are some taken off of the roster. Moss Kena, Declan McKenna and King Sunny Ade are no longer listed on the lineup to perform.

As of now, those are the major updates that we’ve noticed have been made to the Coachella lineup. If you’re planning to attend the festival yourself, we suggest keeping your eyes on the lineup as it could potential have some updates as we get closer and closer to the actual festival. Of course, if you want to attend and you haven’t purchased your tickets yet we would suggest you get yours as soon as possible. It’s sure to be a great year at Coachella with this incredible lineup!

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