Common Mani Pedi Mistakes

Common Mani Pedi Mistakes

Love doing and/or getting your nails done?  There’s nothing quite like having a fresh mani and pedi done, and really having your nails done altogether.  Having some polish on your nails always seems to complete the look, doesn’t it?  When it comes to manis and pedis they often seem pretty standard, however there are some common mani pedi mistakes that you may be making…and not even realizing it.  Which is why we’re here and sharing those common mistakes so you can make sure you’re not making them yourself moving forward.

Skipping the Base and Top Coats
Listen, we’ve ALL skipped the base and/or top coats when doing our nails, so often it seems like those steps really just aren’t necessary.  Our nails chip anyways, right?  However, if you’ve been skipping one or both of these you’re really not maximizing your time and effort when applying your mani and pedi polish to your nails.  There’s a reason the experts use them when getting your nails done at a salon – because they really are essential.  Adding a base and top coat to your mani and pedi are going to help you to get a more flawless finish to your nails PLUS they’re going to help make your color last longer – seriously!

Clipping DRY Nails
Probably never thought of this one, did you?  Experts suggest that any time you’re clipping your nails, it’s best to do them when your nails are wet.  Why?  It’s been found to help you get a much better clipping result when your nails AND the clipper are wet, versus both being dry.

cuticle trim

Cutting Your Cuticles
There’s always been a debate around cuticles, many people believe they need to get rid of their cuticles.  However, it’s been found that our cuticles actually have a very important job.  They’re actually there to help keep bacteria from causing infections.  It’s been found that cutting cuticles can cause you to develop infections, and many people tend to be too aggressive when doing so which can cause a lot of damage to the cuticle and nail area.

Using a Q-tip
Ever make a little mistake when polishing your nails and end up getting a little color on your skin?  Sure!  Everyone does, even the pros.  While it can seem simple to just simply use a Q-tip to remove any excess polish that got on your skin – don’t do it!  Q-tips can cause more problems and get caught up in your polish that’s trying to dry.  Instead of using a Q-tip have opted for a flat brush (like something you may use for makeup), dip it in your nail polish remover and use it to clean up the edges.  It will be a much cleaner and easier way to get rid of the mistake.

Applying Too Much Polish
So often people feel they need to apply heavy coats of nail polish to get the coverage they’re looking for.  Experts suggest that you should never apply more than two coats of nail color to your nails.  Any more and you’ll likely end up with bubbles, and globs of polish on your nails.

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