Common Self Tanning Mistakes

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Self tanning has definitely become more popular in recent years.  Since there has been such a boom in knowledge and information that’s come out about the damage sun exposure does to your skin, many people are taking their skin care more seriously and opting for self tanning options.  Luckily, because of this there are more and more self tanning options popping up all the time.  Of course, just like with any other beauty trick or trend, there are mistakes that are made.  Since self tanning is a fairly new beauty regimen, it’s only natural that some of us still have a little streamlining to do with the process.  We’re sharing some of the common self tanning mistakes, and give you some tips to avoid them.

Ending Up Streaky
This is a common self tanning mistake for sure, and so many women talk about their worry about ending up looking streaky.  The biggest key to making sure you don’t end up with a streaky self tanning look is to exfoliate prior to applying the product.  Often times, we end up streaky because our skin hasn’t been thoroughly exfoliated, leading us to have dead skin cells and overall an uneven/not so smooth surface.  So before applying any self tanning product, make sure you get a good exfoliating process in the shower, this will help give you a smoother surface to apply the self tanning product to and will help eliminate a lot of that streakiness from occurring.

Applying Too Much Product
Another common self  tanning mistake has to be applying too much product.  This is especially big for those that are new to using self tanning products.  We tend to feel like we need to apply a LOT of product right off the bat, but that can lead to having blotchiness and even an unnatural color to be the end result.  Start with a small amount of product and really evenly rub it into your skin, get used to the product and as you get more comfortable add more…slowly.  Remember that you can always add, but you can’t subtract.  So give your skin a chance to absorb the product and see how you like the color’s result, if you want a little more color you can always add to it to adjust.

Not Applying Product To Your Entire Body
This is another common mistake we see with self tanning products, people only applying the product to a couple areas of their body.  While we get it, everyone may not be seeing all of the skin on your body so you may be thinking “what’s the point?”…but it can lead to some problems as you change your outfits.  There’s nothing more frustrating that applying self tanning product to only a couple areas of your body, but trying to go change your outfit to something that might show skin that you haven’t applied product to, and then finding out that you won’t feel quite so comfortable wearing that outfit…isn’t any fun.  It doesn’t take long  to apply product to your entire body, and you won’t have to worry about having to stick to certain outfits.

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