Common Signs of Aging

Common Signs of Aging

Aging is inevitable, we’re all going to get older eventually (and continuously).  However, just because we’re all getting older doesn’t mean we want or have to LOOK like we’re aging.  There are some common signs of aging that occur in us as human beings, and since aging is such a popular topic among us all we’re going to dish on those top common signs of aging and what causes them.  So you have a little more information and can try to avoid some of the signs earlier.

Thinning Hair
While there can be a number of reasons behind hair loss/ thinning hair, it’s also a common sign of aging.  Much of the thinning hair with age is a result of hormonal changes.  There are a number of ways to help from too much thinning hair, but primarily keeping great care of your hair with a healthy, consistent hair care routine.  If you find your hair is thinning at a rapid rate, it’s suggested to seek the help of your doctor as it can be the result of something more serious.  However, if your hair is thinning because of age keeping up with a healthy diet and hair care routine can be great ways to keep your hair healthy.  Additionally, even using hair growth products can be beneficial.

Beautiful neck

Neck Concerns
Many women, specifically, will notice and get frustrated with the skin on their neck changing as they age.  Many women refer to it as the dreaded ‘turkey neck’ where the skin becomes less tight and shows signs of aging.  Much of this comes from the neck and chest area often being a forgotten area when it comes to sun protection.  Most of the time this sign of aging is a result of sun exposure and damage, so to avoid this happening it’s suggested that you make sure you consistently apply SPF products to this area of the skin anytime you plan on being outside (or leave you house, really).  If you’ve already experienced some of the signs, there are a number of at-home skin care products that are designed to help tighten the skin in this area.

Sun/ Age Spots
Another common sign of aging is the result of sun/age spots around the skin, many people will often experience this on areas like their hands or chest.  Again, this is often the result of lack of sun protection over years of sun exposure.  To avoid this sign of aging, again you’re going to need to make sure you ramp up your SPF protection anytime you’re going to be outdoors.  The hands and chest areas are often the most forgotten, which is why many people will find that’s where their age spots pop up.  Again, if you’re already experiencing some signs of age spots popping up there are a number of different skin care products available that are designed to help prevent further age spots and possibly even reverse.

What common signs of aging have you noticed and what have you seen are ways to avoid them from occurring?

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