Control Your Oily Skin in Time for Spring

Control Your Oily Skin in Time for Spring

Do you have oily skin? As we begin to make our way to the spring season, you may start to be concerned with your oily skin a bit more. Typically, the warmer weather tends to be not so friendly to those with oily skin since the climate begins to get more humid and less dry. While the relief from dryness is nice, if you’re an oily skin person it may bring some stress along with it for you. We want to help you control your oily skin in time for spring, so we’re sharing some of the best tips we’ve found to help you accomplish exactly that.

Use a Gentle Cleanser
As we approach spring, our skin begins to sweat more and become a bit more oily.  One of the keys to keeping your skin’s oil under control is to make sure that you’re using the right type of cleansing product.  Cleansing your skin is essential regardless of your skin type, but to really get control on your oil production it’s suggested to use a gentle cleanser.  While many people feel like they should be rough on their skin that can cause your skin to become irritated and produce more oil.  Instead, use a gentle cleanser and be gentle when cleansing the skin to make sure that you’re able to be thorough in helping to remove dirt and oil from the skin’s surface.

Make Use of Oil Blotting Sheets
If you find you get quite a bit of oil production in your skin throughout the day, one of our favorite ways to gain some control on that is to make use of oil blotting sheets.  These sheets are amazing to help you control your oily skin throughout the day.  The bonus?  Many are available in easy to carry containers that you can have in your handbag to reach for any time you need them.  They’re great to eliminate excess shine you may find develops throughout your day, absorb the additional oil and they don’t mess up your makeup – awesome, right?

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Use an Oil Free Moisturizer
So often those with oily skin are afraid to use moisturizing products on their skin, in fear that it will add to the oil in their skin.  However, you shouldn’t be afraid!  In fact, oily skin needs moisture too.  The key to really making the most of your moisturizing products is to make sure that you’re using the right type of moisturizer on your skin.  Experts suggest using moisturizing products that are oil free and lightweight – this way you won’t irritate the skin but you’ll still be able to reap the benefits of moisturizing your skin.

Look for Noncomedogenic
We know that makeup is a part of so many women’s daily lives, and we’re all about it too!  However, some makeup products can cause your skin to produce more oil when they clog your pores.  The best way to prevent this and get control over your oily skin is to make sure you use makeup products that are noncomedogenic – meaning they won’t clog your pores.

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