Creating Full Braids

Creating Full Braids

Braids are one of the hottest hair trends of the season.  Women are rocking braids as headbands, to the side, full heads of braids, the list really goes on and on.  The tricky part about braids is creating a full, voluminous braid look.  If you’ve been struggling adding more volume and fullness to your braids, we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorite tips for helping you combat that and create the gorgeous braids you see celebs walking the red carpets with.

Tease It
Yep, if you want to add more fullness and volume to your hair, one of the easiest ways to do that is to tease your hair.  It helps create the illusion of more hair and fullness and helps the hair stay put a bit more.  Depending on the type of braid you’re looking to achieve you’re probably going to want to tease a bit at the roots of your hair as well as a bit throughout the rest of your hair.  Of course, you don’t need to get too carried away as brushing out ultra-teased hair could be a bit much.

Add Texture
Similar to teasing, it’s important to add texture to the hair prior to braiding.  Adding texture is helpful because it helps your hair hold the braid and structure much easier than if it wasn’t texturized.  Experts suggest spraying your hair with a texturizing spray before the braid as well as once you finish styling the braid – it helps hold the braid in place and adds more texture.

Woman with full braids.

Add Some Extensions
With braids if you have thin hair it tends to emphasize that, if you’re wanting a fuller braid adding some extensions like clip-ins is an easy way to add more volume to the braid as a temporary add-in.

Pull the Braid Apart
It might sound counterproductive, but once you’ve completed the braid, a great way to style and add more fullness to the look is to gently pull the braid apart making it less ‘done.’  It helps the braid appear fuller and gives it that great ‘undone’ look that’s ultra-popular this season (and really every spring/summer season if we’re serious).

Dry Your Hair Loosely
This is especially important if you have fine or thin hair.  While drying your hair it’s suggested that you use your fingers instead of a brush to add more of a textured look as well as add volume to the look.

Add Some Curl
If your hair is naturally straight, adding some curl and texture to your hair is another great way to add more of a full look to your braid.  Prior to braiding loosely add some curls throughout your hair, it will add a more voluminous appearance much easier.

While there are a lot of different ways to achieve a full braid look, these are some of our favorite tips to try out the next time you’re looking to achieve this type of hairstyle.

Tell us, which of these will you try or have you tried already?

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