Creating Overnight Beachy Waves

Creating Overnight Beachy Waves

Summertime always has us wanting to spend as little effort on our hair and makeup as possible, keeping things easy and casual when possible.  However, it also has us wanting those gorgeous beachy waves our favorite celebrities rock on the daily.  But if you don’t have a hairstylist on staff, and don’t have those flawlessly gorgeous beachy waves naturally it can feel like achieving them is next to impossible or extremely time-consuming.  Since we’re all about ease in the summertime, we thought there wasn’t anything easier than creating beachy waves overnight.  So we’re sharing our tips for creating overnight beachy waves so you can get the look while you sleep!  Talk about multi-tasking, right?

We’ve all noticed how our hair has those fun waves after wearing our hair braided, so why not use that to get some easy beachy waves?!  You’re going to do the same initial steps as you do for the topknot version, however, prior to braiding your hair experts suggest also adding a texturizing product to your hair to help add to that beachy waviness.  Part your hair in two sections and create the braids before heading to bed.  Once you wake up, take the braids out and again run your fingers through your hair to break up the waves a bit and you’re set!

Topknot hairstyle

Topknot it Up!
This is a great way to get overnight beachy waves if you’re a long haired lady.  Shower a night, apply a great leave-in conditioner, and dry your hair more than half way through.  Once you’ve done that all you have to do is tie your hair up in a high topknot.  It’s important to make sure you don’t pull the topknot too tight as it can put too much strain on your scalp as you sleep through the night.  Go to sleep with your hair in the topknot and in the morning when you wake up, just take it down, run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls and then just quickly run a curling iron through pieces of your hair that need a little extra wave.  That’s it!  Pretty simple, huh?

Milkmaid Twists
If you’re not comfortable braiding and don’t have hair long enough for the topknot version, twisting your hair can be just as effective!  You’re going to simply follow the same steps as you do for the braids, except instead of creating the braids you’re going to divide your hair into two sections and twist the hair (away from your face) to hold the twists in place you bring them over the top of your head and secure with a pin.  It will leave you with a milkmaid type of hairstyle.  When you wake up in the morning take the twists down and do a little spritz of a texturizing spray and/or hair spray.

Creating overnight beachy waves is actually really simple!  There are so many different ways to achieve the look and the best part is that they don’t require the heated hair styling that so many other hairstyles do!

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