Creating The Perfect Office Face

Creating The Perfect Office Face

We live in a beauty influenced world, with more and more beauty bloggers and influencers popping up on the daily–it can be a bit overwhelming to determine what looks you should adapt for yourself. This is especially true if you work in an office environment. When you’re a business professional, you want to look like a professional that works in an office but also feel great about your appearance. Creating the perfect office face can be a bit tricky–to really find that happy medium between not wearing any makeup and not wearing too much. We’re sharing our favorite tips for creating the perfect office face.

Avoid Too Much Makeup
We know that having flawless, or at least flawless looking, skin is a major focus for so many women. However, when you work in an office it’s important to make sure that your makeup is acting as an accessory but not overpowering you. Choose foundation products that aren’t too heavy or cakey to give you that flawless look without overdoing it. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make sure that you’re consistent with a healthy skin care routine. Of course, we realize you want a little something more, tinted moisturizers are great to give you a bit of coverage without too much. After applying the tinted moisturizer, using a few lightweight powder products can be a great way to get a little natural glow into your skin. Bronzer and/or blush is a great way to add a little natural color into your look. Just remember to have a light hand when applying these so you air on the natural side.

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Subtle on the Eyes
We’re all about having fun with dramatic eye makeup, but it’s best left for your weekend and personal life.  Again, you don’t want your makeup to be something that’s distracting your coworkers or supervisors from you and your work. Opting for more natural, matte finishes with your eyeshadows is going to be your best bet here. Choosing neutral shades like brown tones, or even a subtle plum color is going to give you a little definition without overdoing it. Similarly, try not to go too dramatic with your liner–stick with natural colors and add a pop to your eyes with your favorite mascara.

Don’t Forget Your Brows
While it’s best to go a bit more natural and subtle with your makeup for the office, one step we think it’s super important is defining your brows. When you fill in and define your brows it really helps to frame your face and draw more attention to your eye area. Add a bit of product to your brows to create a bit more definition, it can really help to pull together your overall makeup look too!

Of course, we didn’t forget about the lips. We’re all about having fun–most makeup experts suggest avoiding lip colors that are too shiny but depending on your work environment a fun bold lip color can be a fun way to switch things up every once in a while.

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