Creating The Perfect Pout

Creating The Perfect Pout

When it comes to doing your makeup, it’s no doubt that our pout is one of the main focal points of our face.  There are so many different products and tips out there that claim to give you that perfect pout, but you may be left wondering where you should REALLY start to creating the perfect pout.  You know you want that perfect pout, but where do you go from there?  Well as always, we’ve got some great tips to help you with creating the perfect pout.

Get Into a Lip Care Routine
You’ve heard about a skin care routine, but what about a lip care routine?  Well, you should have one!  The thing is, most of us don’t spend enough time caring for our lips and when we go to apply different lip colors and products we’re not getting the results we’re looking for.  The reason is because our lips haven’t been given the proper care leading up to the application.  Let’s be honest, all lip products look better when they’re applied to lips that are smooth and healthy looking.  First, you need to get into the routine of exfoliating your lips to get rid of the dead skin cells and major dry spots you may have.  In addition, you need to make sure that you have a high quality lip moisturizing product to apply regularly that gives you lips the moisture and hydration they need.

Prime Your Lips
Once you’ve gotten your lips on track and they’re healthy and smooth, you’re going to be much happier moving forward with creating the perfect pout.  To really make sure that you’re starting with a solid base and keeping any products you use on for a longer wear – start with a primer.  All you need to do is apply a small application of a lip priming product to your lips (make sure they’re clean and dry).   Once you’ve done that you’re going to want to select a lip liner color that’s either close to your natural lip color or close to the color you plan on applying to your lips.  The lip liner helps to create a straight edging around your lips and help to prevent the other lip products from bleeding and moving around too much.

woman applying lip color using a brush

Use a Brush
We know it seems like it’s only natural to apply a lipstick directly to the lips from the container that it comes in, but it’s actually much more difficult to get a perfect pout look that way.  Makeup experts all agree that using a lip brush is the best way to get that defined line and edging around your lips for a more exact application.

Don’t Forget to Set the Color
After you’ve done all the previous steps, you’re going to want to set the color to help the color last longer (see a theme?).  While there are plenty of makeup setting products available, a lot of makeup experts suggest using a light, translucent powder over your lips to set the color in place.

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