Creating Your Own Glam Room

Creating Your Own Glam Room

Glam rooms have quickly grown to become a ‘thing’ thanks to social media, and celebs showing us some sneak peeks of their own homes.  Let’s face it, we all love to feel a bit glam, and any chance we have to make our getting ready process feel a little more glamorous is pretty amazing.  If you’re like us, and many other women around the country right now you’ve been thinking about creating your own glam room.  Not sure where to start?  We’re sharing some of the tips we’ve found to help create the perfect glam room in your own home.

Seating is a Must
One thing you may notice, that is pretty consistent in many of the lavish glam rooms of your favorite celebs, is they have some designated seating space.  While you may not necessarily have space for a major seating area in your own home, adding some space that allows you to have a chair and vanity area is crucial to really having that glam room experience.  Some ladies have gotten creative and added a vanity space to a corner in their bedroom or bathroom area, complete with a seat.  Of course, you’ll want a chair that’s got some glam to it with something plush and luxurious.

Lighting is Essential
We can’t forget to mention the importance of good lighting.  There’s really nothing like good lighting when you’re getting ready in a glam room space.  Sure, you may have the lighting that’s already in your bathroom or bedroom space, but to really have that glam room experience you’re going to want to step up your lighting area.  We love the vanity lighting that we’ve seen ladies using in their glam rooms on the internet.  Basically, having a mirror with built in lighting is going to do wonders for your getting ready process.  Not only will it help you to apply your makeup in a much better way, but you’re also going to feel much more glamorous – hello to feeling like a real glam queen when you have special lighting in your glam room!

Get Organized
Another thing that is a definite must when creating a glam room is by getting super organized.  Let’s be honest, there’s nothing glamorous about having all your beauty products all over the place.  Instead, set up some cut/glam organization to store all of your beauty products really beautifully.  There are so many different ways to organize makeup and beauty products, the options are limitless.  It really depends on the space you have to work with.  Do a little searching on sites like Pinterest for some fun ideas.  Personally, we love using cute containers and vase-like items to store products in.

Add Some Details
Don’t forget that, you are creating a glam room space so you’re going to want to add some fun, glam details to the mix.  Adding flowers, or other little sparkly elements to the space are really going to help turn your glam room space from typical to glam and help you feel like the glam queen you are!

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