Crop Tops and Mesh

Crop Tops and Mesh

This season has been a full on 90’s comeback in the fashion world.  All of our favorite trends from the 90’s are EVERYWHERE, from choker necklaces to crop tops to mesh and everything in between.  It’s fun to see so many trends we remember from the 90’s back in full effect, so we thought it was only appropriate to chat and share some of our favorite ways to wear crop tops and mesh this season to get you a little style inspiration!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that crop tops are literally EVERYWHERE this season.  They’re made with so many different fabrics and styles, but it’s a full crop top season around the world.  One thing about something as trendy as crop tops is it’s typically not worth investing hundreds and hundreds of dollars on to purchase  and incorporate, but we get it you still want to wear clothes that are cute and good quality.  KnowStyle and other companies have been offering really fun and cute crop tops that are at amazing prices.  In fact, they’re SO popular and trendy right now KnowStyle even has a category just for crop tops on their website.  One of our favorite parts of the crop top trend is that they’re available in more formal to super casual styles.  So no matter what you’re getting dressed for, or your personal style, you can certainly find a crop top that fits the bill.  If you’ve been loving the crop top trend but don’t necessarily love to show your entire midsection try pairing them with high-waisted bottoms.  Pairing them this way will help you get the look of the trend but still feel comfortable with your body and not feel like your entire stomach is on display.  You’ve probably seen some of your favorite celebs rocking the crop top and high waisted pencil skirt look, which is a cute and sexy way to rock the trend.

Ok, so you know about crop tops (or now you do anyways) but another huge trend we’re seeing this season is mesh.  Mesh, similar to crop tops, can feel a bit risky if you’re worried about showing too much.  But luckily, there are a lot of companies that are offering mesh styles with prints and layered looks to them so you’re getting a little more coverage but still embracing the trend.  Typically when we hear mesh we think we’re showing it ALL.  But companies like KnowStyle have found pieces that really allow you to look cute, classy, and sexy without being too over-the-top.  There are some really fun pieces that just have pieces of mesh on the sides or front, and there are even jackets made of mesh.  It’s really a great example of how trends can be adapted to fit what’s comfortable for YOU.  It’s not that you have to wear a full mesh dress or no mesh at all.

One of the fun things about fashion is that there are so many options and we have access to so many different things now.  Will you, or have you, incorporate crop tops and/or mesh into your wardrobe?

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