Curl Rules: Where to Start and Stop

Curl Rules: Where to Start and Stop

They say “the grass is always greener on the other side” and this is so true for hair. Those with straight hair, want it curly and vice versa. Perms were so popular for so many years because of this very truth. After a decade of frizzy ends growing out from over processing, curls are back in a big, bouncy, beautiful way – and they brought help. These days, curls can be tamed and styled in a way that keeps them from frizzing and flying away! From waxes to hydrating gels, curls have a whole new set of rules.

Curly hair can create a whimsical or sexy look, depending on the style you choose. Just like any other hair style, you need to make your choice based on the shape of your face. A curly hair style that looks chic and sexy on one person may make another look bloated or washed out.

Whether you are looking for the best ways to manage your naturally curly hair or some suggestions for how best to curl your hair, here are a few things to consider for your specific face shape:

Oval face shapes look good with just about any hair style. A curly bob is a great choice, though, because it accentuates the face. A textured pixie is also a good choice since it puts all the attention on the face and adds height that brings out the cheek bones. Try bangs for an oval face too! This look will minimize the length of the face and add depth.

Choose softer waves to soften the edges of a square face. Don’t start the waves until right around the ears. Longer styles work best since they help to elongate the face. Stay away from really tight, small curls as they will make a square face look larger than it really is.

Curly hair can make a round face appear wider and puffier. The best curly styles for round faces should be lifted back, such as a bouncy pony tail or a side-swept style with a few curls hanging to the side. These styles will slim a round face and the more volume, the better!

Styles for heart-shaped faces should work to narrow the forehead or draw attention away from the chin. Smaller curls swept to the side can work, as can looser waves with a thick bang. Consider a ponytail full of medium curls with bangs – clean and sleek with bounce looks youthful and perfect for heart shaped faces.

The best ways to actually curl hair that lasts all day is with hot rollers (medium in size 1-1 ½”), sponge rollers (medium to large) or a high quality curling iron and heat glove – worth every penny!

Use these tips to help you get the occasional curly style for a change in your daily look or to get the best out of your naturally curly look. You’ll be loving your new curls!

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