Curling Iron Mistakes to Avoid

Curling Iron Mistakes to Avoid

Women use curling irons often, some even use them daily.  While many women are using curling irons, some of us still are making mistakes and we don’t even realize it!  We get in the habit of using our hair styling tools one way, and kind of forget that there are certain things/ways we should be using them.  But you know what they say…you don’t know what you don’t know.  Since we want to make sure you’re using your curling irons without mistake, we’re sharing the common mistakes to avoid.

Not Using Heat Protecting Products
It’s so easy to not take the time to apply a heat protecting product to your hair before using your heated styling tools.  But, you’ve really got to stop skipping it!  The thing is, adding heat to your hair with a tool like your curling iron can cause major damage to your hair.  When we don’t use protecting products we’re increasing the chances of our hair getting damaged.  And let’s face it…damaged hair doesn’t look great no matter how great you are with your curling iron.  So avoid curling your hair without any product.

Curling Towards Your Face
Using a curling iron is really all about technique.  When creating a curled hairstyle you want to frame your face, to highlight it, and in order to do this, you need to stop curling your hair towards your face.  When we curl towards our face it leaves the hair facing in a way that fights our facial features rather than highlighting them.  Instead, make sure you’re always using the curling iron to curl the hair away from your face.  It will create a beautiful, natural, curled shape that will frame your face beautifully.

Using the Wrong Size Iron
Many women think they can use any curling iron to create the curled hairstyle they want, but it actually highly depends on the size of the curling iron.  The smaller the curling iron the tighter the curls, and in reverse the larger the curling iron the looser the curls.  Consider what type of curl you want to achieve and use the curling iron sized accordingly to make sure you get the look you want.

We often think we can just grab the first curling iron we see and just start curling our hair to get the look we want.  If only it worked like that!  But it does take some additional thought to really achieving a healthy, gorgeous curled hairstyle with a curling iron.  Because it’s a heated styling tool it’s important that we’re using it properly and not causing too much damage to your hair.  Take some extra time thinking about the process and technique you use when curling your hair – are you making any of these common mistakes?  If so, it’s ok!  You can fix them moving forward because now you know.  So consider what common mistakes you’re falling into and figure out what you’re willing to do to flip those around and avoid them.  Not only will you have a more flawless look – your hair will be healthier!

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