Curling Wand Tips

Curling Wand Tips

Curling irons can leave terrible kinks in your hair thanks to that pesky clamp, but remove the clamp and what do you have? The amazing curling wand! Curling wands have gained traction in recent years, and are used in most of the top salons around the world. Because they don’t clip down on your hair they give you full large waves or spirals. There are many ways you can use the curling wand to style your hair, almost as many ways as you can think of! Let’s take a look at some of the easiest and most popular tips for getting the most out of your wand.

Choosing a curling wand is an important step, and most salons will have multiple sizes, so you can always buy more than one. For smaller ringlets and tighter curls choose a wand with a diameter less than 1”, the larger and bouncier curls or waves you want, the larger the wand diameter should be.

Before using your curling wand make sure you choose the best heat for your hair. High heat can damage hair. Next, make sure you brush your hair thoroughly to get out all of the knots and tangles before attempting to curl your hair.

Allow your wand to pre-heat before you start, this should take a few minutes. Because curling wands don’t have a clip, and you have to use your hands to hold your hair in place, a lot of wands come with a heat-resistant glove. You might feel silly wearing this at first, but it’s a lot better than a burnt hand. If you’re using a high heat, try and use a heat protectant product on your hair before you start curling.

For tight curls, take 1” sections of your hair around the wand starting at your roots and moving down to your tips. After you finish, simply leave the curls as they are. For a little looser look, but still tight waves, run your finger through your hair, helping to separate the curls and turn them into waves.

If you prefer long smooth waves, take a cushioned brush and run it through your hair until you achieve the desired effect. Don’t forget to let your hair cool before brushing it. For even less intense waves, once you’ve brushed it with a cushion brush, take a straight iron and quickly run it through your hair. Obviously the longer you do this, the straighter it will get.

For a messy wavy look, tug on your hair while it’s still hot from the wand, then brush it with the cushion brush, add a little bit of pomade or your favorite product to your hair. Next, flip your hair upside down and then gently blow dry it with cold air. You’ll look perfect on the beach with a surfboard in tow!

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