Curls With No Creases

Curls With No Creases

Creating gorgeous curls in your hair is one of those things that women everywhere work to create easily, but it’s not always as easy as it looks.  Not to mention there’s the frustration of getting creases in the curls and feeling completely irritated after you work so hard to get flawless curls like your favorite celebs.  If you find that you keep ending up with creases in your curls, you’re going to want to continue reading because we’ve discovered some great tips to help you create curls with no creases – say goodbye to that frustration!

Prep Your Hair
Of course, as with using any type of heated hair styling product prepping your hair with a quality heat protectant product is incredibly important to keeping your hair healthy.  And while we’re all about your creating gorgeous hairstyles, we also want you to keep your hair as healthy as possible in the process!  So apply the heat protectant to your hair prior to starting to curl, really emphasizing the ends as the ends of the hair are  where the hair tends to be the driest and can get damaged the most.  Next, hair experts actually suggest as you begin the curling process and getting the sections of hair ready for curling to actually run your curling iron through the strands of hair before any curling action takes place.  Just running the curling iron through your hair (using it similar to a flat iron) quickly, warms the hair up just a tad and then preps it to be more willing and likely to be styled how you actually want.  It’s a little secret tip a lot of professional hairstylists use!

It’s All About the Technique
When curling your hair, it’s really all about technique when creating curls that don’t have creases or dents.  The creases or dents in the hair tend to happen at the ends, and also tend to happen when holding the curling iron in one spot for too long.  It’s suggested by many experts to actually keep the curling iron moving and not leaving it stopped in one place for too long, it’s said to not keep it stationary for more than 10 seconds or so.  Constantly twisting and moving the curling iron is going to be a huge factor when it comes to not getting any creases in the hair.  Additionally, most hairstylists suggest not bringing the curling iron all the way down to the ends of the hair and leaving the ends out of the curling iron when curling the sections of hair.  If you do that and find the ends are still a little straight you can go back in with the curling iron and gently curl the end (again using the quick, moving motion).

We don’t know about you, but finding these tips out were eye openers!  Most of us are probably guilty of holding the curling iron stationary for too long, and it makes sense that that is what can cause creases to happen in the hair.

Have you discovered a way to avoid getting creases while curling your hair?

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